Alpine Nuts

Ian Robertson
Great Alpine Way, Eurobin, VIC, 3797

What we sell:

Walnuts – shelled and unshelled. Fresh green walnuts.
Walnut Oil
Walnut Flour

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More about Alpine Nuts

Alpine Nuts is a family business with an orchard of approximately 2,000 trees. Our walnuts are grown in North East Victoria, in the Bright region. Our walnuts are the freshest tasting nuts, due to our sustainable farming practices. We only use natural fertiliser and no harmful chemicals. The trees are watered from the natural flowing water from the Ovens River. The walnuts are predominately harvested by hand and are sun or air dried. The annual harvest of the delicious walnuts occurs through March and April.

We attend the farmers market from April through to November when this seasons fresh walnuts are available. The walnuts can be purchased in their shells or unshelled and are available in small to large bulk purchase bags.

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