Barbell Biltong

Luke & Rory Rathbone
595 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
595 Northbourne Avenue Lyneham Australian Capital Territory 2602 AU

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“Rory and Luke are brothers from South Africa with a passion for health, movement and the outdoors. Over the last decade, Australia has been our adopted home and in late 2014 we embarked on a camping trip into the Australian bush with two friends Matt and Tom.

Needing a healthy and convenient source of protein to fuel our adventure, we looked everywhere for a real food that would do the job, but unfortunately everything we found was artificial or packed with preservatives and sugar. Not wanting to settle for less, we drew on the wisdom of our African ancestors to make biltong. Steaks were marinated, spiced and hung to dry in granny’s old cupboard. A few days later and we could not stop smiling (and chewing), our biltong was such a hit that requests soon started flooding in – and so it was that Barbell Biltong was born.

Biltong is a traditional South African food, where large beef steaks are marinated in vinegar, pressed with spices and hung to air dry for ten days in a controlled environment at ambient temperatures. No heat is used to cook the meat during this process, meaning the finished product contains all the natural health benefits of raw grass fed beef.

Barbell Biltong is the perfect high protein, low carb, real food that’s 100% paleo and we often use biltong to compliment our own lifestyles, where we like to blend exercise with play. We aspire to provide the world’s healthiest biltong for athletes, adventurers and health enthusiasts who are mindful of what they consume. Unlike most biltong ours contains no preservatives or added sugar and we have sourced beef from a local certified organic grass fed farm specifically for the Capital Region Farmers Market.”


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