Bolong River Produce

David & Belinda Woolley
478 Tyrl Tyrl Road Taralga NSW 2580
478 Tyrl Tyrl Road Laggan New South Wales 2583 AU

What we sell:

Flannel Flowers, Golden Berries, Goji Berries and Chilean Guava

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More about Bolong River Produce

We are a new business and our property is based in Taralga. Our ambition is to grow high-quality produce that is different; fresh produce that is not widely available in NSW.”

After extensive research we chose two directions, flowers and berries, and began cultivation and planting three years ago.

An iconic Australian emblem, Flannel Flowers are familiar to many people, but being difficult to cultivate they are rarely available as cut flowers. Bolong River Produce is one of only three growers in NSW.

We are also pioneering Australian growers of three different types of berries, names which may be unfamiliar since they are generally known here only as dried fruit, imported from overseas: Golden Berries (also known as Inca Berries or Cape Gooseberries), Chilean Guava Berries and Goji Berries.

Our goal is to bring rare produce to customers who like to try something new.

We are now ready to offer our first harvest of Flannel Flowers and fresh Golden Berries, exclusively at the CRFM. The flowers will be available from October, Golden Berries from November and other fruits, plus jams and preserves, over the coming year.

Come and say hello to us at CRFM and try our ‘deliciously different’ berries! In the meantime, you might like to read more about us on

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