Burnbar Fruit

Andrew & Belinda Burnet
10 Victoria Park Lane, Dalwood, NSW, 2477

What we sell:

Custard Apples
Passion fruit
Avocado Oil

Producer Category:
Producer and approved agent
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More about Burnbar Fruit


Burnbar Fruit is a family owned orchard situated at Alstonville on the far north coast not far from Byron Bay. Owners, Andrew and Belinda Burnet, have been growing avocados and custard apples for the past 17 years.

Established in 2000, Burnbar Fruit began nurturing custard apples that were on the orchard and planted avocados to expand their produce and commence direct selling in Sydney and in particular the Canberra Farmer’s Market at Epic which is the largest Farmers Market in Australia.

After both completing recent Biological Farming Certificates, Andrew and Belinda believe in sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices within their industry.

Burnbar Fruit takes pride in upholding a “Biological friendly” culture. This means chemical usage is kept to a minimum, not only in reference to the produce, but also in the control of weeds, insects and diseases to maintain a healthy soil.

Furthermore, Burnbar now have the ability to make and use their own compost. This includes the return of compost teas and pruning’s to the soil by means of their mulching program.



Founder, Farmer, Strategist, and Repairman

After 30 years in financial services and marketing, the epiphany hit. With a hunger to work with land, Andrew found his stride amongst the foundation of Burnbar Fruit.

Using machines, fixing machines, or strategizing the farms next plan of attack, Andrew provides an underpinning back-of-house role for the company.

At the markets, you may catch Andrew preparing fruit, customizing orders, or having a chat with other farmers – mostly about the weather or road conditions along the Pacific Highway!


Founder, Biological Farmer, and Warm-Welcoming Smile

Raised in a family of graziers, Belinda always had an interest in the farming industry. Her passion, however, is to use biological principles as much as possible throughout the orchard to ensure natural growth – with a definitive aversion to chemical induced farming.

At the markets, Belinda’s contagious warmth and enthusiasm will mostly likely be your first encounter with Burnbar. Taking on a front-of-house role, Belinda is readily available and eager to share her passion.

What’s in Season

Like all farms, the productivity of an orchard is heavily reliant on the season. In Northern NSW, picking season for avocados and custard apples is July to December. During this period, every fortnight, Andrew & Belinda travel the 13 hours from Alstonville to Canberra to sell the fruit direct to customers at the Farmers Markets.

During the rest of the year a great amount of time is invested pruning, planting and maintaining the orchard.

Burnbar will be at Epic each fortnight from the 1st July through to Christmas depending on seasonal conditions.

Avocado Oil

Burnbar now produce their own Avocado Oil from avocados grown on the orchard.

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