Dinner Rush

Siobhan Palmer
22 Eyre Street, Kingston, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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Ready Made Meals – Heat & Serve Food

Seasonal Salads

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More about Dinner Rush

I’m Siobhan, a qualified chef with over 16 years experience, mum and creator of Dinner Rush. My kitchen. Your plate. Dinner Rush blends my passion for food with a desire to bring fresh, ready made, delicious food to the plates of busy people.

Need a fast meal mid week or a night off cooking, but still want to eat nutritious tasty goodness? Save yourself the time and hassle with Dinner Rush convenient and ‘fast’ food at home that’s also tasty, fresh, unprocessed, nutritious and cooked with care. Delicious, fresh, wholesome food sourced from local markets.

Cooking for me is all about the ingredients. I only work with local, fresh and trustworthy suppliers so I can create the finest dishes for your dinner table. Keeping it fresh and local with Minto Galloway Beef, Tanigar Dorper Lamb, La Barre olive oil and Alpine Nuts.

You deserve to eat well. Giving yourself a break from cooking doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality and taste.

Check out my full menu at http://www.canberradinnerrush.com.au/menu/

You can place orders to collect at the Capital Region Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning by either emailing dinnerrush.act@gmail.com or calling 0450578558

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