Grandma's Eggs

Stephen & Maureen Clancy
'Oakleigh' - Clancy's Road, Gunning, NSW, 2581
02 4845 513402 4845 5134
0419 626 8110419 626 811
02 4845 5103

What we sell:

Free Range Eggs.

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More about Grandma's Eggs

Stephen Clancy is a 6th generation farmer along with his wife Maureen, son Rodney, daughter-in-law Julia are the team behind Grandma’s Eggs.  Our phone number is 02 48455134.  Our enterprise is fully family owned and operated. The chooks are genuine free range with their houses being portable.

Two mareema dogs protect the chooks. Due to this protection we are able to leave our birds out doors 24 hours a day to roam.

Why not drop in and collect a free recipe of a Clancy family favourite using eggs.

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