Lindfield Park Produce

John & Marion Cole
EPIC, Flemington Road, Mitchell, ACT

What we sell:

Apples , Pears , Apricots , Plums , Cherries, Figs, Green Peas, Beans, Snowpeas, Snappeas, Bio-coloured Corn, Tomatoes, Quinces, and Wild Blackberries

Honey marinades and infused honey, Quince Jelly & Quince Paste

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:

More about Lindfield Park Produce

‘Lindfield Park” is on the slopes of Mount Canobolas at Nashdale, near Orange. Our Produce is grown above 1100 meters in rich volcanic soil; produce with Altitude.
We start with Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas and Shelling Peas in November, these continue right through until July. In December we have Cherries and Apricots; they last until the end of January, when our awesome Figs start, they come in April too. In February we have Beans and Bio- Coloured Corn and wild Blackberries, followed by new season Pears, Apples and quinces in March.

We now have our raw and seasonal Honey.

We look forward to seeing you weekly; our site is number 21 outside, at the front as you enter the market.

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