Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb

Vince & Janet Heffernan
'Moorlands' - Dalton, NSW, 2581

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Bio-dynamic Lamb

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More about Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb

Each year ABC ‘delicious’ magazine, Australia’s biggest selling food magazine, honours the finest food producers in Australia.  Their annual ‘Produce Awards’ attract thousands of nominations.  Only a select few make it beyond the State round of blind judging to be National Finalists.  For three consecutive years, “Moorlands Bio-dynamic Lamb” has been a National Finalist – testament to the outstanding quality of their produce

Specialising in Australia’s best tasting lamb – Moorlands Bio-dynamic lamb goes to great lengths to provide the people of Canberra with an exceptional eating experience.  An Old Dutch breed – Texel – is the genetic base of our sheep.  It’s meat is relatively lean yet with sweet, nutty flavour and silky texture – never coarse or ropey – it’s a wonderful experience to enjoy.  Our contented sheep graze pasture all year round only 85km from the marketplace [low food miles]. No chemicals are used on our farm and the organic/bio-dynamic process is assured through full Demeter certification.  We take care of our land as is evidenced by the awards for land stewardship we have won – support a sustainable farming family – buy direct from us.  We offer serve sized portions of a broad variety of cuts OR the enormous cost savings of buying a bulk pack.  These remain the most popular way to buy our lambs – you choose the cuts, it’s professionally butchered for you [Dave is an award winning butcher], and packed in vacuum sealed cryovac bags that make for easy freezing or the ability to store in the fridge for many weeks.  It’s simple, convenient and stunning value.  AND superb meat.  Visit our website for more information or talk to us at our next market.

WINNERS!!  2016 Moorlands Lamb took the Gold medal in their category at the ABC delicious magazine finals. Congratulations from us!

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