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What’s in season? Figs, melons, stone fruit…corn and chestnuts are coming!

Fresh cut watermelon from local and regional producers at the Capital Region Farmers MarketYou can never be bored in the fruit and veg department, as there’s always such a mix on offer at the Market. This month it’s figs, melons, stone fruit and yes… corn and chestnuts are coming.

Figs are a lovely addition to your fruit bowl, desserts or to mix with savoury morsels on a platter, and right now they’re available from our friends at Lindfield Park Produce . Stone fruit, in particular plums, are now available from Young District Stone Fruit, and we have lovely fresh melons from Melissa Pure Fresh Honey and Auddino’s Produce.

Stay tuned because juicy sweet corn and chestnuts are on their way to Market.

NEW: DIY Kombucha from Gift of our Earth

Glass bottles of probiotic-filled drinks made by Capital Region farmers Market stallholder Gift Of Our EarthWe welcome to the Market newcomer Angela Noble with her very cool health business, Gift Of Our Earth – and these products are awesome! Healthy, probiotic-filled drinks and DIY kits so you can make your very own Kombucha, Jun Tea, Water Kefir or Milk Kefir.

After a lifetime of back problems and the heavy pharmaceuticals that came along with it, Angela wanted to heal herself naturally and began researching how to get her gut back in check without using more traditional medicines. Add to this a passion for educating people about being healthier and moving away from diets filled with sugar, caffeine and alcohol, and her business was born.

Angela focuses mainly on producing healthy probiotic-filled drinks including Kombucha – a fermented and lightly effervescent tea drink which can be flavoured with different fruits, Jun Tea – a similar fermented health tonic, Water Kefir – a drink made from symbiotic grains of bacteria and yeast that ferment in water, and Milk Kefir – which uses the same fermented grains to turn full organic milk into a yoghurt jam-packed with good bacteria. Choose from her DIY kits for Kombucha, Jun Tea, Water Kefir and Milk Kefir and find out more about how to get the most out of these drinks. You can even buy her Kombucha and Lemon Water Kefir on tap.

Catch Angela at the Market each Saturday.

Meet the stallholder: Geoff from Bombolini

Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week? Or a name to the face of the guy who sells you your fruit and veg? Or simply find out a little more about your food and where it comes from? Our new ‘meet the stallholder’ video series on our Market YouTube channel is here.

Capital Region farmers Markets stallholder, Geoff from Bombolini being interviewed by Todd Wright

This month – meet Geoff from Bombolini. Geoff is a relative newcomer to the Market, and his artisan doughnuts have gone crackers with many people queueing up for these sweet delights each week.

Geoff makes the doughnuts with a unique dough with a real depth of flavour. All Bombolini doughnuts and the fillings –  custards, jams, cheesecakes and creams – are made fresh and then garnished with different toppings. Popular varieties include the salted caramel custard and lemon curd cheesecake.

Meet Geoff and find out more in our new meet the stallholder’ video series here.

Another delicious recipe idea: Figs and Prosciutto Wraps

Fresh Figs at the Capital Region Farmers MarketDid you know we have our own Market recipe book? Our recipe book shares the stories and recipes of the people and produce who have made our Market what it is today. The book is available from the Market each week from the Rotary Help Desk. Because figs are in season right now, this month’s recipe is for Figs and Prosciutto Wraps. It comes from John and Marion Cole from Lindfield Park Produce.

Because figs are in season right now, this month’s recipe is for Figs and Prosciutto Wraps. It comes from John and Marion Cole from Lindfield Park Produce.


  • 4 medium-sized figs
  • 4 prosciutto slices
  • macadamia oil


– Cut figs into quarters and keep as whole, wrapping trimmed prosciutto around them to keep them together.

– Place oil in pan and heat just enough to cover base of pan) fry figs, turning until rich golden brown in colour.

This dish is also delicious served with steak. Serves 4 people.

04 March 2017

We’re back!!

After a week off due to the Canberra show, we’re back to business as usual this week. Been hanging out for a pie from Gum Tree Pies? Well, you’re in luck as they are back today after their extended Xmas break; also back are Stikkie Bikkie, both in their usual spots. Being the 1st week of the month, we also have our usual cooking demo, showcasing local fresh produce and how to cook it. Look forward to seeing you there!

   Food Marshall

18 February 2017

Last market before we close for the Canberra Show!!

If you’re attending the market tomorrow, entry to EPIC via Gate 2 on Flemington Road will not be available. Entry as normal via Gate 1 on Flemington Road, Wells Station Road and Morisset Street. Don’t forget, we won’t be open for business on Saturday 25 February as the show will be in full swing. We return to business as usual on Saturday 4 March 2017.

Moorlands Lamb, who normally attends on the 3rd Saturday of each month will not be attending tomorrow; the heat has interrupted the lamb fattening process. Joining the market family for the first time is Wheat Berry (site 68), ready to cook pastry. Choose from a selection of Puff Pastry, Sweet Shortcrust, Savoury Shortcrust, Spelt Puff Pastry, Honeycomb Shortcrust and Parmesan Mustard Shortcrust. Joining us for another season is Bonza Apple Shop with some beaut new season apples.

See you all there!!

Because we’re ‘appy – new mobile app available now

Screen shot of CRFM app on mobile devicesWe are pleased to announce that we now have our very own mobile app. Created with help from the team at Threesides Marketing in Canberra, the new app is a great new way to communicate with our stallholders and consumers about what’s going on at the Market. And it’s free!

The app contains weekly updates, details on Market closures, what’s in season, delicious recipes, information on all stallholders and advice on which stallholders may be away in a given week. You can save your favourite stalls, check in, leave reviews and receive special news and discounts on produce, whilst Market stallholders can view all other stallholders and find their contact details to engage with them. Push notifications are available for important updates going out on Market day, and all app members can claim exclusive in-app specials. You can even find out about the history of the Market, and its supporting organisation, the Rotary Club of Hall.

The Capital Region Farmers Market mobile app is available for download now via the iTunes App Store for iPhone, and via Google Play for Android.



What’s in season? Plums, daikon, melons and eggplant

Capital Region Farmers Market Stallhodlers Melissa Pure Fresh Honey (John & Dora Andonaros) with their fresh melons2017 is well under way and we have some gorgeous seasonal summer fruit and vegetables to tempt you with over the coming weeks. In season right now we have delicious juicy plums.

Plums are a good source of vitamins, dietary fibre and products that help regulate the digestive system, and plums are available now from Young District Stone Fruit and Torry Hills Orchards.

Up next we have daikon. This mild flavoured radish variety is often used in Asian cuisine, and we have daikon in stock now from Dilliro Vegetables and B&S Fresh Produce.

Still on the vegies, we’ve also got eggplant available over the next few weeks. Also known as aubergine, eggplants are related to the tomato and the potato and is a species of nightshade with white flesh – they’re just gorgeous in Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisines. Grab your stocks of eggplant from Dilliro Vegetables and Wollondilly Produce.

And finally, back onto fruits – this month will be a cracker for melons with watermelon and rockmelon in good stocks from Melissa Pure Fresh Honey and G. Dicerbo –  Riverland.

See you at the Market for all your fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

NEW: Meet the stallholder on Market’s You Tube channel

Screen shot from CRFM stallholder interview with Mick from Auddino’s Produce.Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week? Or a name to the face of the guy who sells you your fruit and veg? Or simply find out a little more about your food and where it comes from? Our new ‘meet the stallholder’ video series on our Market YouTube channel is here.

This month – meet Mick from Auddino’s Produce. Mick has been coming to the Market for many years, starting shortly after we opened back in 2004. He comes each Saturday from Leeton in NSW with his oranges year-round, as well as mandarins, grapefruit, lemons, melons and tomatoes when in season. His fresh juices are also a firm Market favourite!

Meet Mick from Auddino’s Produce in our new ‘meet the stallholder’ video series on our YouTube channel.

Another delicious recipe idea: Crumbed eggplant with tomato salsa

Because eggplants are in season, this month’s recipe is for crumbed eggplant with tomato salsa. It comes from Mike and Rosa Auddino from Auddino’s Produce.


  • 2 medium eggplants
  • 1 packet crumb mix of your choice, or gluten-free
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • Plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed


  • 4 ripe, firm tomatoes (round or Roma), chopped into small cubes
  • 2 spring onions or ½ small red onion, finely chopped
  • ¼ capsicum, finely diced
  • 1 Lebanese cucumber, finely diced
  • Freshly chopped basil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice


– Wash and slice eggplant into even slices – not too thick. Cover with salt and leave for a few hours in a colander to drain away all the bitter juices. Do not wash salt off.

– Prepare bread crumbs by adding finely chopped garlic. Mix through evenly.

– Coat eggplant slices in flour then dip into beaten egg mixture then into crumb mix. Press firmly. Continue until all slices are crumbed.

– Heat the oil in a frypan. Cook on medium heat for approximately 4–5 minutes on each side or until golden and cooked through.

– Combine all salsa chopped ingredients. Mix in olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper.

Serve with crumbed eggplant.

Some favourites return to stick around for awhile

Capital Region Famers Market - festive foods, blueberriesWe often get asked where certain stallholders are if they haven’t been in a while. When they are returning. What’s their ‘season’. We are pleased to announce the return of a few of our much-loved seasonal stallholders who will be back for a while from February.

We are excited to welcome back Laurel Hill Blueberry Farm, Donald Smith (blueberries), Dominic Torcaso Produce and Young District Stone fruit.

Get in to see these guys and taste their amazing produce on your next visit. For a limited time only.

Take note of these Market closures

Please take note of the following Market closures and mark your diaries to avoid disappointment. The Market will be closed on Saturday 25 February as Exhibition Park in Canberra welcomes the annual Royal Canberra Show.

Our Market will operate as per usual on the week prior, Saturday 18 February and we will be back after the show on Saturday 4 March.

We will then be closed again for Saturday 15 April as Canberra hosts the National Folk Festival – our last usual market is Saturday 8 April, and we will return on Saturday 22 April.

Get down to these fabulous events at Exhibition Park in Canberra, they’re always great fun and a fabulous way to support the Canberra community.


21 January 2017

Great to be back after the Xmas break, although the extreme heat we have been experiencing over the last week or so, may not be too good for growers of some produce. Never mind – the show must go on as they say!!

Back for another season we have Young District Stone Fruit with various plum varieties; Laurel Hill Blueberry Farm with big juicy blueberries and Dominic Torcaso Produce with new season herbs & vegies.

Capital Region Farmers Market Fresh Produce, Blueberries