App Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Vouchers
    1. The Capital Region Farmers Market (The Market) may from time to time offer the App User a Voucher.
    2. The Market may withdraw the offer of the Voucher at any time before it is Redeemed without notice and at its unfettered discretion. If an offer is withdrawn, the Voucher cannot be used following such withdrawal.
    3. The Voucher:
      1. If an expiry date is specified on the Voucher, the Voucher will expire on the expiry date specified on the Voucher. On and after the expiry date for a Voucher, that Voucher cannot be Redeemed;
      2. can not be exchanged in full nor in part for cash;
      3. can not be used retrospectively (that is, applied for use in respect of goods and services already purchased by the User);
      4. unless the Merchant states otherwise, cannot be used for a purchase made in conjunction with any other Voucher, promotional offer, discount or other arrangement that reduces the amount of cash payable by the User to acquire goods and services from a Merchant;
      5. is only Redeemable from participating Merchants and for the avoidance of doubt, may not be capable of being Redeemed with some Merchants; and
      6. can only be Redeemed for goods and services specified by The Market (in each case, in their absolute and unfettered discretion) and may for the avoidance of doubt, not be used to acquire goods and services from a Merchant that the Merchant excludes from being able to be supplied in connection with the Redemption of a Voucher.
    4. App Users must sign up for a profile using an email address or social network login

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