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Mouth-watering Christmas fare and foodie gifts galore

What kind of Christmas food lover are you? Do you hang around the cherry bowl eating every last one and hiding the pips? Do you wait patiently for the platter of fresh prawns to come out so you can get your fill? Or do you eat light so you can fit in more Christmas pud, custard and ice cream?

Whichever you are, the Market has SO many delicious Christmas foods to keep you in a festive food mood. Straight from the growers in and around Young, we have lovely fresh cherries and a range of stone fruits. Seafood lovers will love the fresh prawns, the variety of fish, squid, and oysters fresh from our suppliers from the South Coast of NSW. We’ve got pork, ham and a large range of small goods for all your Christmas platter and lunch needs, and loads of fresh, seasonal vegetables to go with. If it’s a pre-lunch nibble, look no further than our delicious cheeses and antipasto, and for dessert lovers, you can’t go past our Christmas puddings, fruit mince tarts and pre-made desserts – with plenty of vegan options available as well.

Don’t forget, the Market is also the perfect place to buy a friend, colleague or loved one a foodie gift, some local wine, or a range of goods to make up your very own unique local and regional gift hamper, and Market Gift Cards are also available for that person who is hard to buy for.

Available for purchase from the Rotary Desk in the north-western entrance to the Market, gift cards are available in denominations of $10, $30 and $50.

Image Credit: Uncle Juan’s Fruit Mince Pies

Rotary’s record-breaking achievements at Floriade

Did you know that all profits raised by the Market are distributed back into the local and Australian community by our founders, the Rotary Club of Hall?

That’s right, Rotary Hall, part of Rotary District 9710, runs the Market with the aim of assisting many people and projects in need. Over the last month, Rotary District 9710 has been recognising and celebrating 90 years in Canberra with a marquee and display at this year’s Floriade. And they have achieved lot. For one, Rotary beat Iron Man’s record of 5339 signatures on a card! Their giant birthday card the size of office partitions came equipped with marker pens and a challenge to beat the world record for signatures on a giant card, which was set by Iron Man, Robert Downey Jnr. They smashed it with a massive 11,515 signatures collected by the end of Floriade. The decision by Rotary to play a prominent role over the course of the month paid off in spades. The pop-up marquee set up within the grounds of Floriade drew a steady stream of passers-by curious to learn more about the organisation’s many community activities.

A District record of 112 people signed up to join Rotary, and these included young people who were enthusiastic about local Rotaract clubs, and the District is looking forward to welcoming all of them into Rotary. 762 overseas visitors from 82 countries visited the marquee to mark their home town on a giant map, the giant birthday cake proved popular as a photo backdrop, as did the gnomes on the knoll. At Floriade NightFest, Rotary’s Rotaract teams created an awesome mural which lit up the tent during the nights with UV lights reflecting fluorescent paint.

Rotary’s celebration of 90 years in Canberra continues for the remainder of 2018, and their valuable work goes on.

It’s a mint season for mint

Fresh mint. Can you ever go past a bunch without squeezing the stuff between your fingers to release the fresh, minty scent? The aroma is something else.

Right now at The Market, fresh organic mint is in season from Kurrawong Organics weather conditions have been just right to produce an abundance of fresh mint and it’s ready for you.

Mint is a calming and soothing herb which has been used for thousands of years to aid with an upset stomach and indigestion. And this handy herb has had many other health benefits realised over the years including as a relaxant, reliever of congestion, as well as in skin care, weight loss and oral care. You can use the fresh stuff to flavour smoothies and yoghurt, make your own mint tea, sprinkle over your salads…and of course it goes great in summery cocktails. Especially in a tasty, fizzy mojito. Kurrawong Organics produce their mint in Kirkconnell NSW along with a large range of other vegetables and herbs.

See the team at Kurrawong at stand 176-177 for your mint fix.

Seasonal flowers and making baba ganoush

Our new stallholder workshops are a real hit, drawing a crowd on the second Saturday each month.

This month it’s all about flowers and baba ganoush, with plenty to learn from two of our popular stallholders. Don’t miss out on learning about seasonal flowers from Jonima Flowers and how to make baba ganoush from Meze Fresh Mediterranean Cuisine, both on Saturday 10th November.

First up at 9 am, Jonima will present a talk about how their flower business started, share information on seasonal flowers and demonstrate easy flower arranging. Jonima Flowers is a fourth generation sustainable flower farming business, based in Yanderra, NSW.

Then at 10 am, join Meze Fresh Mediterranean Cuisine where you will learn how to make baba ganoush using fresh ingredients sourced from the Market…be sure to stay around to taste just how delish it is!

All workshops are held next to the food court and seating area where CIT have their cooking demonstrations.

NEW: Canberra Magic Kitchen

It’s not easy finding quick and tasty vegan meals, but Canberra Magic Kitchen is here to solve the problem. They offer plant-based, gluten-free and fat-free, ready to go meals, all prepared locally in Canberra, in plant-based facilities. Sasha and Antonia are the wizards behind Canberra Magic Kitchen, where their passion for organic food production and healthy lifestyle comes from Sasha’s agricultural background and Antonia’s background in hospitality and tourism.

All food from Canberra Magic Kitchen is made of 100% organic ingredients, mostly sourced from certified organic producers and some from chemical-free producers. Notable vegan dishes include gluten-free stews and soups, ‘Magic Brekkie’, gluten-free crepes with homemade “notella”, vegan cakes, raw bliss balls… and more. And not only are all their meals healthy, they are also supporting the local community by sourcing food from local producers and reducing waste by using environmentally-friendly packaging. But to take their war on waste even further, they will reward you a stamp on their loyalty card each time you bring your own container to the markets to purchase their food. Collect 10 stamps, and you get one free meal. It’s plant-based food at its best!

October Stallholder Workshops: Learn the delicacies of handmade bao and cannoli

“Good food not only fills the stomach, but it also lights up the day,” says Angel from Superbao. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a soft and fluffy steam bun filled with mouth-watering fillings. The team at Superbao are determined to make sure every bite of their bao is a super moment and each steam bun is hand made to ensure the texture is soft and fluffy. To have your own superhero moment, come along to their stallholder workshop, where you will see how they cook their handmade steam buns (and compare them to supermarket frozen buns). There will also be a delicious demonstration on how to cook their classic pork belly and tastings for the audience. The SuperBao workshop kicks off at 9am.

Cannoli – soft and donutty or crispy and creamy? Turns out they can be both, and Andrew from the Cannoli Brothers team will discuss the differences between the types of cannoli. This workshop will reveal the story of Cannoli in all forms and then exhibit and discuss the stages and equipment used in the process to get their delicious Cannoli to the customer, using examples from their factory. The workshop highlight will be the interactive ‘fill your own Cannoli’ experience and Cannoli tasting. The Cannoli workshop will begin at 10am.

Head to the Market on Saturday 13 October from 9am for these delicious and informative workshops.

Updated access to the Market

Goods news! The intersection of the Federal Highway and Old Well Station Rd has re-opened. You may notice traffic lights at the intersection now, making access to this road much safer.

If travelling along Federal Hwy from Goulburn / Majura, turn right at the intersection of Old Wells Station Rd and Federal Hwy, then turn left at the Farmers Market Gate, follow to carpark. If you’re coming from the City or Flemington Rd, access remains unchanged.

Gate 4 (the gate at McDonald’s and the service station) is also still open for now.

Stage Two of Old Well Station Rd will see the road closed from Canberra Park Accommodation to Morisset Rd and the shipping container entrance of Morisset Road will remain open, but this should not affect access to the Market.

For more access updates, click here.

Tour the Market with Eat Canberra Food Tours

A great way to tour the Market, find out more about our growers, our produce and our local makers is by joining the new Eat Canberra Food Tour. Hosted by local foodie, Amelie Bidgood of Eat Canberra fame, Eat Canberra Food Tours is Canberra’s first food tour company. They take you on a food adventure through Canberra’s amazing food scene, and as of this month, tours include our very own Market. Starting on Saturday 13 October, join the Eat Canberra Food Tour to the Market and you will receive a complementary $10 Capital Region Farmers Market Gift Card to spend on whatever you like. The choice is yours. Tour dates for 2018 are Saturdays 13 October, 10 November and 8 December. Learn more about Eat Canberra Food Tours.

Support for our strawberry farmers going strong

For strawberry farmers across the country, last week was one to forget, with the contaminated needle scare sending Australia into a panic. However, we are so thankful and proud of the Canberra community, who have rallied behind our local farmers and taken the ‘Cut them up, don’t cut them out’ stance. Your support was so strong C & D Camilleri even sold out early last week. We are also thankful to our stallholders such as Love St Bagels, who adapted their usual offerings to incorporate strawberries and show support.

Whilst the scare has caused some alarm, it has also resulted in a push to buy local and support our farmers. WIN News Canberra dropped by the market and ran a story on Canberra’s Strawberry Support.

Strawberries are delicious this time of year, so continue your support and cut them up, don’t cut them out. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration on how to use your strawberries, why not try putting them in smoothies, making jam, or whipping up a strawberry-themed dessert.

Meet the stallholder: Nora from Botanical Nora

Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week? Or a name to the face of the guy who sells you your fruit and veg? Or simply find out a little more about your food and where it comes from? Then check out our ‘meet the stallholder’ video series on our Market YouTube channel.

This month – meet Nora from Botanical Nora. Nora has been growing and specialising in succulents and cacti for years and knows a thing or two about tending to these types of plants. All her plants are grown in her garden in Ngunnawal, and are available at the Market 2 to 3 times a month.

Nora grows and sells a large variety of plants. Some of her best sellers include: echeveria, crassula, gaptoveria, sedum, agave, and aloe.

Next time you’re at the Market, make sure to swing past Botanical Nora to pick up a new addition to your home or garden, just in time for spring gardening.

Find out more about our Market stallholders in our stallholder video series here.