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Winter’s not over…get in for these in season winter veg

Bunches of multicoloured carrots at the Capital Region Farmers MarketEven though we’d sometimes rather winter be done and dusted, there’s still another month to go and it’s worth getting the best out of the great winter produce in season right now at the Market. Think parsnips, carrots, fennel…and of course the oranges.

Our friends at Mowbray Park Produce from Mowbray, NSW, have a fabulous range of vegies including carrots, leeks and fennel. Kurrawong Organics from Kirkconnell in NSW have loads of fresh vegetables with fennel again being great right now. And Dilliro Vegetables from Thirlmere, NSW, have wonderfully fresh parsnips, oranges and fennel amongst myriad other delicious vegetables.

Come in for your winter vegie fix on your next trip to the Market.

‘Tis the season for Mandarins and Brussels Sprouts

 Brussels Sprouts grown by Capital Region Farmers Market stallholder Kurrawong OrganicsNot the two together of course! The Mandarins are in from Warrick Morris in Leeton and Auddino’s Produce in Wamoon, and are absolutely lovely. There are plenty of new season Imperials in at the Market and we are expecting to have mandarins, which really love the cold and frost, in different varieties from now right through until Christmas.

We’ve also got some Brussels Sprouts in from Kurrawong Organics in Kirkconnel, near Bathurst. This is another vegetable that loves the cold and actually thrives on the frost and snow and taste sweeter because of it.

Brussels are in season from now until September, and Kurrawong grow all of theirs organically with each plant harvested three times throughout the growing season.

16 May 2015 – Mandarin Season Starts Today

Good news for citrus fans!  The mandarin season from Leeton has started.  Auddino’s Produce have bucket loads of Imperials.  You can expect to find these along with other varieties at the CRFM between now and Christmas.  Not everyone loves a cold snap but mandarins love a good frost as it brings out the sweetness in them.20 Oct 12 Market 022

Brussels Sprouts also love the cold.  They thrive in the frost and snow and taste sweeter because of it.  Kurrawong Organics will have them until September.  They are grown organically, with each plant hand harvested three times throughout the growing season.

Despite the cold, it’s still a good time to plant trees.  Ian from Cascades Nursery advises that in Canberra you will find that we don’t get cold enough to completely stop the deciduous growth in the Winter. They will grow lots of roots and then explode with new growth in the Spring.  Check out his North American Maples, Ornamental Pears, Claret Ash and range of of Birches.

Ann from Cypress Valley is a smoker from way back!  Check out her whole smoked trout and her pieces of de-boned smoked trout. Her pate is the perfect blend of sour cream, dill & chunks of trout.  Use it as an addition to your entertaining platter of stir it through a fresh pasta.



What’s in Season?

Capital Region Farmers Market Stallholder, Alpine Nuts with fresh walnutsThe cooler weather is well and truly upon us. And right now at the Market you can get fresh walnuts from Alpine Nuts. These walnuts are grown in North East Victoria, in the Bright region and are the freshest tasting nuts due to their sustainable farming practices.

Now’s a great time to be cooking up some potatoes and right now you can get organic spuds from Naturally Grown Potatoes in Crookwell. They have Dutch Cream, Sebago, Pontiac, Rideau, Charlotte, Tassie Pink Eye and more varieties available.

On the fruit front, Auddino’s Produce at Leeton have now got Tahitian Limes available, and there’s also lovely fresh broccoli from Deua River Farm Produce.

And stay tuned at the Market, in a few weeks’ time we’ll also have new season Navel oranges and mandarins, also from Auddino’s Produce in Leeton.

18 April 2015 – The Kiwi Fruit & Chestnut Season Has Started

Did you know we have a fair dinkum rice grower amongst our stallholders?  Peter and Jenny Randall are Randall Rice.  They farm at Murrami and have just expanded their range to include rice cakes.  The rice cakes are made fresh on the farm with a special rice cake popping  machine.  They use home grown organic brown koshihikari rice and a small amount of water to make them.  They are completely gluten free and contain no other additives. Crispy, crunchy and flavoursome.Randall Rice Pop Cakes

Persimmons from Wombat are in season.  Hill Lock Orchard have the seedless, non astringent variety called the Fuyu available.

Sue from Karuah Farm has a bumper crop this season of her Heywood Kiwi fruit on offer.  Who knows how long the season will last?  It is weather and customer demand related so don’t miss out.

The horticulture are of the market is looking very colourful with the Sasanqua Cammellia is full bloom.  Onno and Judi grow their stunning plants in  the rolling hills of the Bodalla dairy belt. Chat to Shades of Green Nursery about all your planting needs and wants.

 Yes!  There is a market on Anzac Day.



What’s in Season?

Capital Region Farmers Market, Seasonal Produce. Red applesAutumn is officially here and with the change in season comes a fresh set of seasonal produce.

For this month we’re stocked with Nashi Pears. The Nashis come from Darby’s Falls just near Cowra with 3600 trees on the banks of the Lachlan River. The fruit is really sweet and juicy and just delish! It’s also peak apple season at the Market with apples coming from Nashdale, Batlow, Michelago and Wallaroo. We’ve also got loads of tomatoes, strawberries and plenty of figs right now as well.

Also worth a look is the corn being grown out of Nashdale. The region is very fertile and bi coloured corn is looking great and super sweet right now. Come on in and stock up your fruit bowls!

Summer’s last hoorah – what’s in season?

Capital Region Farmers Market - Summer Fruit, PeachesIt’s down to the final third. Just February to go and Summer will be over. A great time to come to the Capital Region Farmers Market for the last of the summer season foods.

We may have seen the last of Young’s cherries, but it’s the start of the plum season with Young District Stone Fruit bringing plums to the Market over the coming weeks. The Valencia Orange season has just kicked off with Warrick Morris Fruit & Veg from Leeton having a plentiful supply of this medium sized fruit which is seedless and great for juicing. The season runs from now until the end of March/early April, and he’s also got Tahitian Limes starting from mid-February.

Blueberries are still in good supply from Cooma and Laurel Hill (between Batlow and Tumbarumba). They are all grown chemical free, are plump and sweet and should be around until the end of March. We have gorgeous grapes, of the Thompsons Seedless green variety grown in Griffith, and they make a great summer snack for the kids. Organic apples are still in good supply from Wallaroo, and we are just at the tail end for peaches and nectarines. Come and fill your fruit bowls to the brim!

Yum yum, summer strawberries are in season – November 2013

So how do you like yours? Delicately dipped in melted chocolate, chilled in a fruit salad with ice cream, or just fresh and juicy from the fruit bowl? It’s up to you– but it’s strawberry season right now so you better come and get ‘em while they’re freshly picked. Did you know strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids? They are also a good source of folate, potassium and dietary fibre. Plus, they’re sweet, juicy and taste oh so good! The strawberries pictured are from B&S Fresh Produce from Thirlmere, who have the biggest, juiciest strawberries at the Market, and there are plenty available from other growers too. Come get ‘em this Saturday!

Lots of yummies in season from Tree Tops – May 2013

There are loads of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables at the market with the team from Tree Tops having fresh pears, chestnuts and apples in many varieties over the coming weeks and into winter. You’ll find Granny Smith, Rosy Glow, Fuji and Pink Lady apples amongst others, as well as fresh apple juice on offer  from these market regulars.

‘Tis the season for fresh autumn produce (and chocolate!) – March 2013

This month we’re welcoming some old favourites back to the Market including some wonderful fresh autumn produce. We’ll soon start seeing figs, almonds, walnuts, borlotti beans, leaks, passionfruit and several varieties of grapes – perfect for your autumn cooking.  We also expect to be welcoming back nashi pears from Clearview Organics – delish!

It is also that time of year where we can unashamedly consume an obscene amount of chocolate and not feel guilty. Yes, it’s Easter. But don’t settle for store-bought bites this year.  Instead why not pick up some locally produced organic chocolate delights from the Market this Saturday from Lindsay and Edmunds?