Auddino's Produce

Mick & Rosa Auddino
313 Arbuckle Road, Wamoon, NSW, 2705
02 6955 943002 6955 9430
0407 459 2420407 459 242
02 6955 9497

What we sell:

Fruit: Mandarins, Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit, Olives, Persimmons, Limes, Juices (Mandarin, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit).

Livestock: Yabbies.

Vegetables: Chillies, Beetroot, Beans, Peas, Rocket, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Rockmelons, Eggplants, Cucumbers, Garlic, Broccoli, Spring Onions, Tomatoes (truss tomatoes, cherry tomatoes), Asparagus, Capsicum.

Flowers: Dutch Iris, Lilies, Gerberas, Tube Roses.

Hot Soup – Vegetable and Pumpkin

Gelato in the following flavours:

Orange – Mandarin – Lemon – Lime – Grapefruit – Blood Orange – Tangello

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:

More about Auddino's Produce

We sell quality home grown vegetables and a wide range of citrus fruit. We would like to add our range of products, our homemade 100% natural  citrus juices. Made from fruit grown on our properties, at the moment we have orange, lemon and grapefruit juices. The juices are made within hours of fruit harvest.

All our juices are 100%, with no additives or perservatives. We offer free taste testing before you buy.

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