Bellerophon Cold Brew

Alex Leech
47 Cazneaux Crescent, Weston, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
47 Cazneaux Crescent Weston Australian Capital Territory 2611 AU

What we sell:

Cold brew coffee served ice cold either flat or infused with nitrogen, dispensed on tap; sold in 750ml takeaway bottles.
Also sold in both black and milk based forms.
In the colder months we offer Hot filter coffee (not espresso)

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:
18 Km's

More about Bellerophon Cold Brew

Brewed Cold, Delivered Cold and Served Cold.

Bellerophon Cold Brew was founded in Canberra and is handcrafted, using only the highest-grade specialty coffee.

Our close partnership with a local cafe has allowed us to use roasts designed especially for cold brew to achieve a cup with unrivaled sweetness and complexity. We implement a three stage filtering process using hi-grade commercial filters commonly seen in the wine and beer industry, which produces clarity and mouth feel not typically seen in traditional cold brew.

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