Geoffrey Whittall
143 London Circuit, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
143 London Circcuit Canberra Australian Capital Territory 2601 AU

What we sell:

Light fluffy Bombolini doughnuts.
The doughnut light, flavoursome and tasty and exploding with handmade custards and jams, are decorated with edible garnishes to provide flavour profiles, colour and textural contrast; packaged simply but nicely.
A choice of many flavours each week, from standards to more modern.

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More about Bombolini

Bombolini is a local Canberra Start Up making fluffy light Bombolini doughnuts, exploding with homemade flavoured custards and jams. The dough is enriched with zest and left for a day to proof to develop sourdough like flavour and a zesty punch. It is portioned and left till tripled in size and fried at a high temperature creating a fluffy, non oily, cloud like doughnut. We then handfill each of them with tasty homemade custards and jams using free range eggs and quality ingredients, before sprinkling with a garnish for a colour, textural or taste contrast. They are made on the morning on sale, ensuring a perfect fresh doughnut.

Bombolini’s are literally like custard bombs, and seriously tasty. Each week will be a range of 8 flavours, with some standards like Madagascan Vanilla with wild flowers and dark chocolate with shaved chocolate curls, and also new additions with inventive flavours to tantalize the taste buds.

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