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Nora Do
84 Paul Coe Crescent, Ngunnawal, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
84 Paul Coe Crescent Ngunnawal Australian Capital Territory 2913 AU

What we sell:

Various varieties of Succulents & Cactus
Succulents ( planted from 2011, more than 10000 plants, including many varieties: Echeveria, Crassula , gaptoveria, sedum, agave, aloe, haworthia, gasteria…)
Cactus (planted from 2011, more than 500 plants )
Seedling Herbs, vegies and potted colour

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Distance from EPIC:
10 Km's

More about Botanical Nora

Succulent plants; all home grownI can provide great customer service and knowledge based on years of growing succulents. I aim to provide service that will make customers feel at ease with plants.All plants are home grown and looked after by myself.They are grown through cuttings and propagated  from leaves. I also have a small range of bouquets.  All garden foliage and garden flowers  from my back yard, such as: gum, wattle, viburnum, daisy, twisted willow, roses, nandina, Japanese maple, hydrangea, dahlia, cherry blossom, magnolia.

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