Bow Butter

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Kate Bow
3 Watt St Huskisson NSW 2540
3 Watt Street Huskisson New South Wales 2540 AU

What we sell:

Hand-churned butter with produce from our garden added.
Banana Bread made from banana’s sourced at CRFM
Muffins on the day of the market, using the leftover buttermilk I have from making my butter. I also use ingredients that I purchase from the market, eggs, chocolate, berries etc

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:
180 Km

More about Bow Butter

BowButter is made on the NSW South Coast
The cream comes from South Coast Dairy that is in the beautiful area of Berry.
We grow a lot of what goes into our butters but sometimes we need to source locally/outside.
We always have a lightly salted butter, and depending on what’s in season or what I can get from farmers markets determines what I have from week to week. eg Garlic & chives, walnut, lemon, orange, truffle to name a few
We also make a vegan butter. We make our own cashew milk that goes into it.
All our butters have been handled with the intent to feed and nourish your body and soul.
Ingredients are sourced with the utmost respect that I have for this earth and for all
who dwell here.
I love to work for myself and to live a life of my choosing, simple life of butter making, grandchildren, travel and my deep love for our living and breathing Mother Earth!

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