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Antonia Basic
3 Kingsley St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
3 Kingsley Street Canberra Australian Capital Territory 2601 AU

What we sell:

Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free and Oil-Free.

• Freshly made stews.
• Vegan salads ( all kinds of varieties, gluten-free in most of the cases, made with the base of brown rice, buckwheat or barley
with veggies) take away option or have on the spot!
• Vegan and gluten-free crepes with following spreads: homemade sweet, sugar-free nut spread know as “nottella, homemade
chocolate with walnuts or strawberries, maple syrup, cinnamon and almonds with fruit, coconut sugar and lemon with coconut
flakes. These spreads are made with at least 90%of organic ingredients.
• Vegan and gluten-free savoury crepes with mushroom, onion and walnut sauce and fresh rocket salad.
• Vegan cakes/slice of various cakes – vanilla custard and choco carrot cakes, apple strudel
• Raw bliss balls and cake slices
• Breakfast option / scrambled tofu with spinach and cashew sauce on a toasted slice of vegan homemade flourless bread made
with seeds and nuts with rocket or pea shoots

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More about Canberra Magic Kitchen

All our food is prepared locally in Canberra, in plant-based facilities – offer plant-based, gluten-free fat-free, ready to go meals!
Our food is made of 100% organic ingredients. Most of it is sourced from certified organic producers and some of them from chemical-free producers. Our passion is to buy from local producers as much as we can and some of the food we buy comes from organic veggie suppliers from CRFM.
Our stews and soups are always vegan and gluten-free, made with seasonal veggies. They are often oil free as we supply our food to lots of people with health issues.

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