Canberra Native Nursery

Megan Dixon
Carwoola NSW 2620, Australia
43 Kearns Parade Carwoola New South Wales 2620 AU

What we sell:

Local and non-local native plants.

Agency – Finger Limes

Producer Category:
Producer or approved agent
Distance from EPIC:

More about Canberra Native Nursery

All our plants are 100% locally grown at our property just outside Canberra, with some propagating material coming from reputable interstate suppliers. About 85% of our stock are garden plants, with 15% being forestry tubes for revegetation projects. All our plants are frost hardy to -7 degrees and drought tolerant once established.
We do not use chemicals in our growing processes. We use the organic products of Seasol and Powerfeed during the growing process, along with basic Trace Elements and Osmocote slow release.

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