Cascades Nursery

Ian McCorkindale
'Cascades' - 1 Forsters Road, Batlow, NSW, 2730

What we sell:

Trees Shrubs, Hedging Plants from juvenile through to advanced. Also small range of cold climate Berries, Currants and Fruit Trees
Bonsai plants/kits

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:

More about Cascades Nursery

Located 1 Forsters Road, Batlow to the east of the town centre.

Cascades Nursery specializes in cold climate exotic trees and shrubs.

The nursery is open to customers, Ian and Mandy ask that you please ring first…….
they are farmers as well as nurserymen!

Allow enough time to enjoy the extensive range of trees and other plants at Cascades and to look thru the gardens.

The extensive gardens are open to customers and they contain many full grown specimens of the trees that are for sale in the nursery.

For more details contact (02) 6949 1268.

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