Combaning Pine Nuts

Paul McCrone
538 Reynolds Lane Temora, NSW 2666
538 Reynolds Lane Temora New South Wales 2666 AU

What we sell:

Pine Nuts

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Distance from EPIC:
220 km

More about Combaning Pine Nuts

We planted about 450 Italian Stone Pines in 2000. We are only just now beginning to get a marketable volume of Pine Nuts from them.

The pine cones are harvested from the pine tree in spring and stored until summer. They are then laid on racks to dry in the sun, which opens them up. The nuts are then rattled and sieved to extract them from the cones. The nuts are still inside a hard shell. The nuts are then put through a nutcracker. The kernel and shell are separated by hand to obtain the final product. This is all done on our small family farm, in Temora.

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