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Don Smith
Rose Vale, Beresford Road Rose valley, 2630
Beresford Road Rose Valley New South Wales 2630 AU

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Asparagus and blueberries.

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Asparagus is a perennial vegetable crop which can be grown from seed, seedlings or root crowns.

Initial nurturing for the first few years is important to establish successful plants; irrigation, nutrients and weed control. Full production is not reached until its 5th year but can last up to 20 years if not over cut.  Plants are dormant in winter shooting up spears when soil temperatures rise in spring, so most asparagus is harvested in the spring.  My farm was selected with its irrigation and altitude with cool summer nights to produce best quality summer asparagus when there is a world shortage but now harvested for the spring local market. My harvest season is later and shorter than crops grown closer to warmer lower sea levels but produces premium quality spears. No chemicals are needed to be used.  White asparagus is grown below the ground or in the dark, green above the ground. Australia, New Zealand, USA and Asian markets changed from white to green in the 1970s. Specific varieties have been bred to obtain superior quality green spears. White asparagus is still popular in European Countries.

Asparagus is rich in potassium, vitamin A and folate.

It is also high in glutathione – an amino acid compound with strong antioxidant properties; a must as an anti-aging deterrent

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