Farmer Brown's Free Range Eggs

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Farmer Browns pastured new.png
Greg Palethorpe
Hall Rural Block 310 cnr Barton Hwy and Wallaroo Rd Hall, ACT 2618
Barton Highway Hall Australian Capital Territory 2618 AU

What we sell:

Locally produced pastured free range eggs.

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More about Farmer Brown's Free Range Eggs

Farmer Brown’s Free Range Eggs is a locally owned family business producing free range ‘pastured’ eggs. The Brown Family were one of the original settlers in the Hall region, as such, we have a strong affiliation with our local area.

The eggs are ethically and sustainably produced on a 20-hectare property in the Hall region of ACT, off Wallaroo Road, just 10km from the Capital Region Farmers Market.  The hens have free roaming access to pastures, allowing them to do what chickens love to do, such as foraging for grass and insects, and dust bathing. Our girls have plenty of space with stocking density under 100 hens per hectare.

The hens are managed using pasture rotation to maximum benefit to our farm and naturally break parasite cycles, meaning the farm is chemical free (the hens are also antibiotic free too). Our hens also enjoy around 500kg of scraps food every week, producing high-quality eggs while diverting food otherwise destined for landfill and subsequent conversion to greenhouse gases.

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