Gozleme Cafe

Ozden Akbulut
31 London Circuit, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
02 6258 874102 6258 8741
0404 802 7780404 802 778

What we sell:

Handmade Gozleme and lentil spread that is freshly cooked onsite or available to cook and enjoy at home.
We are now offering a delicious traditional Turkish breakfast, Shacshuka. Packaged for you to take home and enjoy during the week.

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More about Gozleme Cafe

Taste of Turkey’s products are proudly unrefined and are made from the highest quality ingredients in an attempt to bring out the authentic flavours they so deserve. Known for their richness, tradition and quality; have a taste and buy your own Taste of Turkey on your next visit to the markets!

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