Tobias & Beatrice Koenig & Peter Botomley
'Ingelara' - Michaelago, NSW, 2620

What we sell:

Australian Certified Organic – Producer No. 10317BD

Potatoes, Garlic, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Corn, Capsicum, Chillies, Zucchini, Cucumber, Lettuce, Apples, Leek, Broccoli,beetroot,
basil, celeriac, coriander, English spinach, fennel, herbs, kale, oregano,onions, snap peas, green peas, parsley, parsnips, radish, swede, silver beet, spring onions, potatoes and rhubarb.

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:

More about Ingelara

Ingelara is a bio dynamic farm run by Tobias and Beatrice Koenig. It is an established producer and supplier of organic potatoes and garlic, as well as a range of seasonal vegetables such as pumpkins, tomatoes, and zucchini, mixed leaves, herbs, rhubarb and many more. The farm is home to pasture raised Angus cattle and Wessex Saddle-Back pigs.
Ingelara’s quality produce is available at local shops and the EPIC farmers market in Canberra.
Additionally Tobias and Beatrice offer a farm stay program, which aims to promote students connection to their environment and the production of their food.
We believe “…Eating is inescapably an agricultural act, and how we eat determines to a considerable extent how the world is used.” (Wendell Berry), consequently our goal is to produce nutritious, bio dynamic, healthy food for our local community and to create a diverse, balanced, sustainable and productive environment for further generations.

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