Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

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Neil and Coral Druce
45-61 Lord Street, Junee, New South Wales, Australia
45-61 Lord Street Junee New South Wales 2663 AU

What we sell:

Organic Licorice – black and raspberry
Organic chocolate coated products including nuts, ginger, coffee beans, sultanas and freeze dried strawberries

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:
200 Km

More about Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

We (Neil & Coral Druce) are second generation organic farmers (since 1962).

In 1998 we began value adding to the organic grain.  Since licorice is 30% flour, we decided to have a go at making licorice organically. We’ve been told we’re the first in the southern hemisphere to make a soft-eating organic licorice.

Then we have our organic couverture chocolate!  It not only goes well with the licorice, but lots of other beautiful organic products as well. We have chocolate coated almonds, macadamias, hazelnuts, ginger, coffee beans, freeze-dried strawberries, super healthy inca berries, etc.

Make sure you try it on our raspberry licorice (made with a concentrated raspberry—yes, it’s real fruit!).

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