Kalavista Organics

Sue Brown
444 Rivers Rd, Canowindra NSW 2804, Australia
444 Rivers Road Canowindra New South Wales 2804 AU

What we sell:

We offer whole, pitted and purée olives and a range of marinated products. We also do black, green or mixed.

As our fruit production increases, we also process some of our kalamata olives into oil. This is a unique oil that is not available commercially.

We will be planting lemons next year and hope to offer fresh, organic lemons when they are in season.

Our Spanish Queen Olives are currently curing for the first time this year and will be available when ready for eating.
Boxes of raw olives may be available by pre-order during harvest time.

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More about Kalavista Organics

Fortnightly stallholderOur olives are local, certified organic and 100% Australian.

Kalavista Organics is a family run and owned business. Sue and Steve Brown and their two young sons purchased part of a certified organic, community title farm, Rivers Road Organic Farms in 2004 when looking for a sustainable chemical free lifestyle and a long-term plan to run a family business from the farm.
They planted over 1,000 olive trees in Autumn 2006 as they have a naturally high resistance to pests and disease, low water needs and suited the local climate.
Our goals were to grow and produce olives using minimal water and to create a balanced ecosystem. Ten years on, we have achieved these goals and are now growing and producing quality table olives that are available all year round.

We specialise in table olives, organically grown and traditionally cured. Our olives are hand picked, local, certified organic and 100% Australian and include varieties such as kalamata, jumbo kalamata and Spanish queen.

We as the growers and producers will be attending the market to talk to customers and to share our experiences and ideas with them in order to promote sustainability, organic farming and a healthy lifestyle.

Rivers road organic farms is a certified organic community title farm and our olive trees are organically grown on Lot 8, 444 Rivers Road, Canowindra NSW 2804. They are then processed on Lot 20 in the olive processing shed.The handpicked olives are harvested in Autumn each year, washed and then placed into a 10% brine solution within 24 hours in our on-farm processing shed. Regular checks are undertaken initially weekly, then fortnightly then monthly to maintain this salt solution as well as a pH of about 4. The olives naturally ferment in the pickling drums.

Our organic olives are cured in brine for about 9 to 12 months. Sorting and bottling are then done in our on-farm processing shed. They are labelled and boxed up ready for sale.

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