Danijela Vrkic
5 Milari St Ngunnawal, ACT 2913
5 Milari Street Ngunnawal Australian Capital Territory 2913 AU

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Krofne Donuts

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More about Krofne

The name Krofne is derived from a delicious European yeast style donut. We pride ourselves on our small batches of hand crafted donuts that are amazingly light and fluffy and always made fresh to order on site

We follow a Croatian recipe that stems back generations. The dough is proved for a number of hours, rolled and cut, proved for a second time, fried, filled and rolled in sugar.  Krofne are made only using the freshest quality ingredients.

What makes us different? Krofne is not your typical business. Not only do  we make the most amazing donuts and cook them right in front of you, we are a social enterprise that, in the process of generating profit, aim to create employment opportunities for teens and adults with special needs.

Founders and owners Danijela and John Vrkic started the business with the vision that their son, Anthony, who has Down Syndrome, would be fully involved in the production, sale and distribution of the donuts.

Delicious donuts creating employment for people with special needs.

Krofne – Donuts for a difference

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