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Stacey Carpenter
128 Donnelly Lane, Bywong NSW 2621, Australia
128 Donnelly Lane Bywong New South Wales 2621 AU

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Winter / Summer Paleo Bread
Paleo Fruit Toast
Paleo Pizza Bases
Grain Free Cookies

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More about Primal Alternative by Stacey C

Primal Alternative offers gluten and grain free alternatives to foods we love, namely bread, pizza bases, cookies and gut nourishing gellies. These convenient, nutrient-dense foods make it easy for the growing number of people on a paleo or restricted diet to enjoy a slice of toast or a family pizza night without derailing their health efforts.


The Primal Alternative range is made here in Canberra by a local mum Kyra Miles who has experienced the benefits of going grain-free and wants to make it easier for others to enjoy the grain-free locally produced food. The products are also legume-free, refined sugar-free and mostly dairy-free (exception is the cookies which contain organic butter). All use the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.


The range includes:


Winter/Summer Paleo Bread

A savoury gluten and grain free alternative to wheat bread. Best served toasted with butter. This isn’t bread, it is nuts, eggs and seasonal vegetables in disguise!


Paleo Pizza Bases

These grain-free thin crust pizza bases mean pizza night is back on the menu! This isn’t any old pizza base – it is nuts, eggs & coconut oil in disguise! Pre-baked for super convenience, just add your favourite toppings and bake.


Grain-free Cookies

With less than a teaspoon of organic rapadura sugar per cookie, rich in good fats and 70% cocoa real chocolate chips – if you’re going to have a biscuit on your grain free journey, why not make it this one?



Gut-nourishing gellies are a fun combination of ingredients for digestive and gut health. With less than one teaspoon of honey per bag and coloured with beetroot powder, these protein-rich goodies are a perfect snack or alternative to lollies.


Paleo Fruit Toast 

A nourishing savoury fruit toast with cinnamon and ginger spices. Try toasted with butter and honey. The good fats in this versatile bread will keep you full for longer.


Paleo Mince Pies.


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