Tawarri Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rosslyn Kemp
'Tawarri' - 1194 Pinnacle Road, Orange, NSW, 2800

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Table Olives, Tapenades

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More about Tawarri Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Welcome to Tawarri Grove

Snowgums and olive trees make an irresistible combination at Australia’s highest cool climate grove.

We tend our trees with care, handpick and quickly process our olives.

The proof is in the oil: delicious, fresh and fruity, with a subtle but satisfying pepper finish.

Straight from the grower to you.

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Raw & Roasted Hazelnuts, 15kg, Hazelnut meal 5kg, Hazelnut pancake mix – normal and gluten free, roasted hazelnuts in chocolate.

Jean & Basil Baldwin
50 Calverts Lane
Forest Reefs NSW 2798

Ph 02 6366 5131 m 0412 998 367

email hazelnuts@fourjayfarms.com.au

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