The Granary Bespoke Milling

Karen Porter
16 Carter Crescent CALWELL, ACT 2905 Australia
16 Carter Crescent Calwell Australian Capital Territory 2905 AU

What we sell:

We started milling wheat and producing freshly milled:

Pancake mix with buckwheat
Cookie mix with oats and coconut flour
Muffin mix with barley flour
Gingerbread mix

We have introduced a gluten-free flour and commenced:

Gluten-free cake and bread mix
Brownie mix
Shortbread mix

We now offer ready to take home:

Gluten Free Pizza Bases using our freshly milled flour

Bar cakes using freshly milled flour such as
– choc orange
– cashew, date and cardamom
– cheese, corn and jalapeno
– potato, rosemary and garlic

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Producer or approved agent
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More about The Granary Bespoke Milling

The Granary Bespoke Milling is an idea that was conceived through my desire to build something that covers the whole process of baking.  From sourcing my own grains to milling my own flour and baking my own products.

This is the first step in my new journey and after many years as a baker serving the people of Canberra through supplying supermarkets or selling at farmers markets, I know that most of you care about where your food comes from.  So do I.

Flour is normally produced on steel roller mills. The grain is cracked and the bran and germ are separated from the endosperm (which is mainly starch).  To make whole meal flour, some of the bran is added back in.  The germ that contains most of the vitamins and minerals is not used as it decreases the shelf life of the flour.

My products are produced on a stone flour mill.  This grinds all of the grain – the bran, the endosperm and the germ.  You get all of the vitamins and minerals in the germ and all of the fibre in the bran. This results in a flour with more flavour and more vitamins that is digested slowly and is better for you.

My freshly milled whole grain flour has a shorter shelf life than steel milled roller flour.  How do I deal with this?  I put the milling date on every bag and a use by date of three months.

You will be able to taste the difference.

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