The Peaks Artisan Cheesemakers

Vanessa Lipscombe
8 Mcgeahan Cresent Myrtleford, Victoria 3737
8 McGeehan Crescent Myrtleford Victoria 3737 AU

What we sell:

Bon Accord-Thinly rinded cow’s milk-white mould, its texture is fudge-like at the interior and oozing closer to to the rind. Made with organic Normande milk its flavour is of root vegetables.
Monolith-Mould ripened goats milk cheese dusted in chestnut ash from the Wandiful Produce grove. Monolith’s dense, mildly acidic interior gives way to slightly more complex flavours and a creamy texture towards the rind.
Cloudlet-A delicate surface-ripened goat’s cheese with a thin rind and a creamy interior. Cloudlets’ flavour is light and milky with hints of hazelnuts when fully ripe.

Producer Category:
Distance from EPIC:
405 km

More about The Peaks Artisan Cheesemakers

We are The Peak Artisan Cheesemakers. We live in the Alpine Valley in North East Victoria and have been producing our small batch cheeses for 10 months now.
Our goal is simple: To make beautiful cheese from the highest quality local milk. Both our cows and goats milks are sourced from single herds in the Kiewa Valley region: traditional dairy country amongst the most sustainable in Australia due to its high rainfall and quality soils. Single source milk means minimal processing and maximum freshness for us – attributes fundamental to producing quality cheese.

Our cheeses are manufactured by hand using traditional methods in our purpose-built micro-factory then matured in our cellars. Like all fermented foods, cheese is a living thing and, as such, our focus is on providing environments where specific microbes can create desirable flavours and textures.

Our cheeses are made with passion. We hope you enjoy them!

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