Uncle Juan's Bakehouse

Wayne Sewell
Flemington Road, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Flemington Road Mitchell Australian Capital Territory 2911 AU

What we sell:

Handmade sausage rolls and pies – both hot eat now sales and cold par-baked take-home sales.
Lamb and Rosemary
Pork and fennel
Spiced Pork
Thai chicken

Ice cream (Whiskey lime and ginger)
(Brandy orange chocolate )

Drinks – a small range of my own drinks served icy cold

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More about Uncle Juan's Bakehouse

The main stay of my business is a small range of hand made sausage rolls. I hand make the puff pastry using a very old fashion technique that results in light crispy pastry. My stall is essentially a mobile bakery. Not only do I have a large custom made old fashioned oven but also a commercial size fridge and a refrigerated mini keg system from which I sell my own icing cold fizzy drinks. All my hot stall side sales are baked off stall side, as are my pizzas. I also make a small range of old school ice cream.

My food business brings to any market an active good looking work space, good smelling, good eating and unique. The smell of my freshly baked pastry, the sight of my hand made pastry and pizzas coming straight out of the oven and sitting on the cooling racks. People being able to watch me making pizzas from scratch. My home made sauces to compliment my food. It’s market food as it should be. Hand made and freshly baked, 50% of my sausage roll sales go home cold, par baked.

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