Willayoung Orchard

Andrew & Helen Ricketts
191 Willawong Street Young, NSW 2594 Australia
1-3 Giugni Place Young New South Wales 2594 AU

What we sell:

Peaches –
Nectarines –
Apricots –
Cherries –
Plumcots –
Figs –
Grapes –
Jams and Honey(from our own trees and hives)

Producer Category:
Producer or approved agent
Distance from EPIC:

More about Willayoung Orchard

We run a commercial orchard operation with over 4,500 trees, and have been in business for over 20 years. We produce a diverse range of stonefruits, plus figs and table grapes. We have over 90 varieties of fruit in our orchard. We are not organic but operate as a traditional orchard with minimal spraying, adopting best orchard practices and using only registered chemicals. While not organic we do adopt some organic practices. Our operation is focused on dealing direct with the consumer, and we sell around 40% of our produce direct to the consumer. This means that we operate differently to most orchards which are geared around sending fruit to wholesale markets, which inevitably means picking fruit picking their fruit greener. We pick our fruit much riper with as many as 5 picks off each tree, each time only picking the fruit which is ripe/near ripe. Our speciality is tree-ripened fruit.

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