Canowindra Farm

NEW: Pasture-raised chicken from Canowindra Farm

There is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing what you are feeding your family. And this is one of the drivers behind family business Canowindra Farm that specialises in pasture-raised chickens. Husband and wife duo, the Doldens, are parents to three young girls and have always felt its important to know exactly what they are feeding their family. And it is with this in mind that they rare their chickens, pasture-raised from sunlight to sundown. All their chickens are ethically raised, sustainable and free of all chemicals and pesticides. Canowindra Farms are at the Market each week with their whole singular prepared chicken cryovaced ready for cooking or as a ‘ready to cook’ pack complete with Pepe Saya butter and thyme sprigs. Come in and see why pasture raised chicken just simply tastes better.