Try Bow Butter

Don’t be a nutter, try Bow Butter

Fresh buttery butter. Mmm, how good is it. It’s even better when fresh made. Market newcomer, Bow Butter, has the real good stuff. Owner Kate Bow makes her own butter hand-churning it on the South Coast of NSW. Kate makes the butter with cream she purchases from South Coast Dairy, and once churned she whips it with produce from her garden including garlic, chilli, chives, lemon, orange and passionfruit. Each butter is individually made into 100gram blocks, and Kate says they’re delicious on toast, pancakes, waffles, muffins and scones. Bow Butter’s Cinnamon butter is particularly good for apple crumbles, caramelised fruit and pies, whilst the garlic butter makes garlic bread easy. Come in and give it a try.