Tarts from Lily's Vegan Kitchen

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There’s much talk of veganism lately. And there may be a good reason too with growing evidence on the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Lilian Falero, owner of Lily’s Vegan Kitchen, may be new to the Market, but not to veganism, having started her business in 2017 with a range of whole food, organic, plant-based tarts, snacks and catering services to people in the Canberra region. Lily’s Vegan Kitchen comes from the belief that healthy food can be approachable, delicious, indulgent and healing for people and the planet – and Lily has incorporated a plant-rich menu, eco-friendly packaging and mindful ingredient sourcing too. Dishes on offer include caramelised onion and pumpkin tart, mushroom and leek tart, tomato, basil and vegan ricotta tartlets, chocolate chip biscuits and blueberry and coconut cake. Bet you’re itchin’ to get to Lily’s Vegan Kitchen!