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What’s in season? ‘av an avo, grapple a custard apple

Burnbar Fruit at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Everyone’s favourite on-trend fruit, the avocado, is in season right now. Whether you enjoy yours smashed on toast, blended to a tasty guacamole, sliced in a salad or as an awesome sidekick to your seafood, the avocado is high in monounsaturated fats and rich in several B vitamins and vitamin K, vitamins C, E and potassium. And have you ever tried the custard apple? Also known as the sugar apple or sweetsop, the custard apple fruit is a native of the tropical Americas and West Indies. The flesh is fragrant and sweet, creamy white through to light yellow and resembles and tastes somewhat like custard. High in energy and an excellent source of Vitamin C, manganese, thiamine and B vitamins, you do need to be careful not to eat the custard apple seeds as they are toxic. Custard apples are fantastic used in desserts, sorbets, tarts and pies. Both avocados and custard apples are in season right now and available from at the Market from Burnbar Fruit. Hailing from Alstonville not far from Byron Bay on the north coast of NSW, Burnbar Fruit is a family owned orchard which believes in sustainability and environmentally friendly practices within their industry. You can find Burnbar, their avocados and custard apples at the Market fortnightly.

Winter sees the return of some fruity favourites – June 2013

Yep indeed the weather might be colder, but you can make it that more bearable by stocking up your fruit bowls with some of our producers’ fresh seasonal offerings. This month sees the return of a few favourites with delicious fruits on offer. Burnbar Fruit are back on 22 June with ripe custard apples and lovely avocados. And mandarin season is finally here! The season started late due to the unseasonably warm weather, as the frost is needed to bring out the sweetness of these little orange delights, but Auddino’s Produce are now on board with mandarins at the market each week. Grab some for the best vitamin c hit ever!