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Straws Suck! Market moves to reduce single-use plastics

Reusable bags at the Capital Region Farmers Market in Canberra

Yes, they do. Straws really suck. Have you ever thought about the environmental impact each time you use a straw? It’s not pretty. And the Market is taking steps to reduce the use of straws along with other single-use plastic bags. Thankfully, there are only two stallholders currently using straws at the Market, and they’re on board with the ACTSmart campaign Straws suck which aims to help rid Canberra cafes and bars of plastic straws. Auddino’s Produce will move away from plastic straws by offering recyclable paper straws and encouraging customers to sip before they suck their slushies.  Julie’s Juices have been drastically reducing the use of straws by asking each customer if they really need one as a way to get customers to think about the issue. Both businesses, together with the Market itself, have pledged to reduce plastic straws via the Straws Suck campaign.  And the Market will now require all new Market applicants to use paper straws only, along with only bio-degradable cutlery and plates.  When it comes to single-use plastic bags, the Market is encouraging customers to use alternatives such as the re-useable mesh produce bags which are available at five for $15 at the Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra marquee located by the office at the Market. Customers can also buy reusable Capital Region Farmers Market bags for $2 each at the Rotary Help Desk, AND if your bags break beyond repair, the Market will replace them for FREE. Win Win. Stay tuned as we will soon be conducting a survey to get a feel for how our customers use plastics.

NEW: Superbao’s super bao save the day

Superbao at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Our new stallholder, Superbao, are the Market’s newest heroes. Their super fresh, super delicious, super authentic bao are the perfect treat for your Saturday morning shop.

Angel and Paul are Superbao’s creators. The pair both grew up in China with full hearts and a passion for delicious food. Their vision? That every bite of their bao can be a super moment.

‘We have faith in our food. Good food not only fill the stomach but also light up the day. That’s why we are persistent in hand making all steam buns to ensure the soft and fluffy texture,’ says Angel. ‘Our fillings are inspired by authentic local recipes from different countries and regions.’

So what flavours of bao do Superbao sell?

Pork Belly Bao, which is the most traditional and signature Bao EVER! Superbao’s pork belly is cooked in traditional Taiwan style and served with crushed peanuts, pickled cabbage and coriander leaves. The pork belly has been slow cooked for hours and is so soft that it melts in the mouth. The light sour flavour of traditionally pickled cabbage plays up the perfect balance in taste.

Shanghai Duck Bao. Their duck recipe comes from memories of mum’s home cooking. Stewed in soy sauce and Chinese spices, the duck absorbs all the flavours and retains the juicy moisture. When eating, squeezing a slice of orange on the duck will amplify the rich and decadent taste.

Crispy Fried Chicken Bao. Chicken thigh marinated overnight, coated with their secret flour recipe and deep fried. The outside is so crispy yet the chicken inside is juicy, tender, full of flavours. Drizzled with their saffron mayo sauce, this bao is gorgeous looking as well as tasting.

Panko Tofu Bao. Crumbed with panko flour, white and black sesame seeds, the fried tofu bao are popular choices for vegetarians.

The team aims to use as many local ingredients as possible, including pork belly from Boxgum and mushrooms from Gooda Creek.

Superbao will be at the Capital Region Farmers Market every Saturday. Get in early as they’ve been selling out quickly!

What’s in season? Tasty truffles of course!

Terra Preta Truffles at the Capital Region Farmers Market

The capital is the place to be when it comes to truffle season, thanks to its terrific growing conditions. Otherwise known as tuber melanosporum (we won’t blame you if you have a bit of trouble with that one), truffles are ‘hunted’ for, and are found under the surface of the ground by trained dogs.

Truffles have a unique earthy, garlicky taste, and a deep aroma. They’re the perfect addition to risottos, pastas, even gelato… and you certainly can’t go past the appeal of truffle butter.

The place to get them? Family-run truffle farm, Terra Preta Truffles are the place to go to get the goods. Located just outside of Braidwood, Terra Preta supplies their high-grade French Black truffles to restaurants all around the world. Terra Preta will be at the Market every Saturday in winter offering these delectable delights.

Take the road to supporting local

Take the road to supporting local

Each and every Saturday, thousands of Canberrans visit the Capital Region Farmers Market to buy the best and freshest produce in the region. We want to ensure that the introduction of the road works around EPIC and the Market don’t deter our Market customers from supporting local. Farmers, bakers, fishermen, beekeepers, cattle growers, food creators and many more come to the Market each week to share their produce with Canberra, and they truly appreciate Market-goers continued patronage and support during this time. Not only does the Market support local food growers, but funds raised from the Market go straight back into the community with our Produce for Purpose initiative.

We appreciate your continued support over the coming months.

Find out more about information on road closures, and what the best route for getting to the Market is for you.

Capital Region Farmers Market Road Closures

Road Closures at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Over the coming months, an upgrade of the busy intersection of the Federal Highway and Old Well Station Road is underway to install traffic lights for improved safety.

The process began Monday 7 May and will directly affect Saturday morning commutes to the Capital Region Farmers Market, as Old Wells Station Road will not be accessible from the Federal Highway.

Access to the Market via Flemington Road and Morriset Road has not changed, and both of these routes are still in use.

To access the Capital Region Farmers Market via Stirling Avenue, patrons are advised to take either of the following routes, depending on which direction they are traveling from:

  • If traveling southbound along the Federal Highway (i.e. from Goulburn, Majura, or Watson), turn right at Stirling Ave (at the service station/ McDonald’s). Once inside Gate 4, follow the signs to gate 8 turn left to find available parking
  • If traveling northbound along Northbourne Ave (i.e. from the City, Tuggeranong or Woden), turn left at Stirling Ave (at the service station/ McDonald’s). Once inside Gate 4, follow the signs to gate 8 to find available parking


These routes will be the most efficient way to access the Market until the end of August 2018 (date TBC) when the roadworks will be finalised.

Traveling by bus? Click here to find how to get to the Market with Transport Canberra.

Stay tuned for developments of road closures by following us on Facebook and regularly checking the Capital Region Farmers Market website.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these changes, please contact the Market Manager on or 0400 852 227.

Find out more about Road Closures from EPIC.

Meet the stallholder: Mitch and Carmen from Honey Delight and Canberra Urban Honey

Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week? Or a name to the face of the guy who sells you your fruit and veg? Or simply find out a little more about your food and where it comes from? Then check out our ‘meet the stallholder’ video series on our Market YouTube channel.

This month –  meet Mitch and Carmen from Honey Delight and Canberra Urban Honey. Honey Delight is a boutique brand that celebrates four generations of beekeepers, which is based in Inveral, New South Wales. Mitch and Carmen have over 40 hives in Canberra, and 3000 hives in the region.  Mitch says Canberra Urban Honey does things a little bit differently – there’s a strong focus on sustainability with hives in backyards around Canberra to increase bees and pollination within the city.

Make sure to pop by and say hi to these two extraordinarily passionate beekeepers, and pick up some of their popular stringybark or yellow box flavours of honey next time you visit the Market.

Find out more about our Market stallholders in our stallholder video series here.

NEW: Holy moly! Love Street Bagels arrive at CRFM

Love Street Bagels at the Capital Region Farmers Market

We have some fabulous news for bagel lovers to fill the bagel-shaped hole in their heart: Canberra-based Love Street Bagels (affectionately known as LSB) will soon be calling the Capital Region Farmers Market home.

Aaron Fain, head chef of LSB, and Katie Fain are the owners, operators and heart of LSB. Their focus is on providing Canberra with authentic New York bagels – dense and chewy on the inside, golden and crunchy on the outside. Their bagels are made fresh daily with a recipe that has been developed and honed over several years.

Aaron and Katie will be serving up several traditional bagel flavours, including plain, everything and blueberry, along with schmears to bring it all together. But the deliciousness doesn’t stop there – they’ll have gourmet twists on the classics, such as avo and poached eggs on plain bagels and Nutella and strawberries on blueberry.

Ingredients are locally sourced where possible, and even include eggs, produce and bacon from Pialligo Estate, Ainslie Urban Farms and Hilltop’s Free Range eggs.

Love Street Bagels will be attending the Market this Saturday 5 May.

What’s in season? Happy days as honey brightens up the month of May

Honey from Canberra Urban Honey at the Capital Region Farmer's Market

While we’ve got our sights set on winter’s delicious and wholesome foods, we’re thinking about other goodness that keeps us going as the months get colder. Honey is a sweet tooth’s dream, but did you know that it’s good for lots of other reasons too – it’s known to be a wonder food, with lots of health benefits.

Honey features many antibacterial healing properties for wounds and burns by acting as a disinfectant when applied externally. Its antibacterial powers also make it perfect for mixing into a hot lemon drink for when you’re feeling under the weather (it also makes the lemon a little more bearable!). 

Honey is also good for much needed energy boosts – you can’t go wrong with a little bit of extra natural sugar! And did you know it can also make your memory better? That’s right – studies have shown that eating a spoonful of honey each day can help boost short-term memory.

With World Bee Day just around the corner, now is one of the best times of the year to support the local bee community. Canberra Urban Honey, Win’s Creek Meadery and Melissa’s Pure Fresh Honey are some of the Market stalls where you can get your hands on the sweet golden liquid.

Happy days are ahead as honey brightens up our month!

What’s in season? April brings out the best in winter veg

As the weather gets cooler, focus shifts from salads to soups and all things lovely, made with fresh winter veg.  The Market is the place to be right now for potatoes which are all in full swing. You can find a huge range of potatoes in all varieties from our stallholders Harrison & Sons, B&S Fresh Produce, Dilliro Vegetables, Deua River Farm Produce, Ingelara, Kurrawong Organics, Loriendale Orchard, Melissa Pure Fresh Honey, Gleann na Meala and Wei Rong Guo. Pumpkins are also coming in strong and can be found at Harrison & Sons, B&S Fresh Produce, Dilliro Vegetables, Auddino’s Produce, Deua River Farm Produce , Gleann na Meala, Greenhill Farm, Ingelara, Loriendale OrchardMelissa Pure Fresh Honey, Wei Rong Guo, Windellama Organics, Wollondilly Produce and Young District Stone Fruit. Ever tried a spaghetti squash? This interesting savoury fruit ranges from ivory to yellow or orange in colour and gets its name because when cooked, the flesh peels away from the fruit in strands just like spaghetti. You can find them right now at Deua River Farm Produce. Another one on the interesting list is the Jerusalem Artichoke –  strangely actually a species of sunflower, these tubers contain little starch and are rich in the carbohydrate inulin, and have an underlying sweet taste. You can find these beauties at Gleann na Meala while stocks last.

Minto Galloways win at Royal Canberra Show

They’ve done it again! Minto Galloways have scored some ribbons at the recent Royal Canberra Show. Known as one of Australia’s leading studs producing Galloway beef directly to consumers and restaurants, they are now back at the Market after their big award wins. Greg Stuart and his team were awarded Supreme Champion Galloway Exhibit, Grand Champion Galloway Female and Junior Champion Galloway Bull. Congratulations!