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Farmer in Focus: Certified biodynamic Greenhill Farm

Two farmers from Bungendore NSW have a unique technique for growing their produce. Sue Armstrong and Greg Oliver have been farming at Greenhill Farm for over 20 years producing a wide range of summer and winter veggies, and 100% grass-fed beef from a farm bred, Angus-based herd whilst being certified biodynamic farmers.

Being certified biodynamic involves a spiritual, ethical and ecological approach to agriculture. It is this certification that means that the produce supplied by Greenhills has been cultivated in an environment that is structured around the lunar and astrological cycles. This type of farming differs from Organic farming in that biodynamic farming has a greater focus on astrological cycles and the idea of the farm as a single ‘organism’

Sue and Greg have been a part of the Capital Region Farmers Market for 12 years.
They currently bring a wide range of summer and winter veggies such as carrots, potatoes and parsnips to the markets and enjoy building relationships with their customers.

As a certified biodynamic farm, Greenhill Farm has a strong focus on sustainability and significantly healthier food and produce.

We enjoy having these farmers as part of our markets and look forward each week to their new fresh produce.