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NEW: Origin Bake and Cibus Goodness from Nature

There’s something to be said about warm baked goods on a cold winter morning. Whether it’s freshly made Bombolini filled with fresh custard, an almond and brandy croissant or a peach and rhubarb danish, nothing tastes as good as that first bite of pastry (well maybe once you’ve sat down after a busy morning market shopping)

Our two new bakers Origin Bake and Cibus Goodness from Nature offer tasty winter pastries and delicious baked goods, while also bringing traditional cooking techniques from two unique cultures.

Karim from Origin Bake brings ancient Egyptian techniques to his modern baking, like using high fibre flour and only natural and fresh ingredients.

Alberto from Cibus Goodness from Nature worked in a café for more than 30 years in his hometown of Rome, Italy. After moving to Canberra ten years ago working as a chef in Yarralumla he noticed his customers really enjoyed his fresh Bombolini, so he decided to sell them.

We welcome our two bakers to the market and look forward to trying all their goodies over winter.

NEW: Delicious pork products from Wagga Free Range Pork

Bacon. Mmmm did somebody say bacon? (drool) This bacon is extra delicious and has no added nitrite so it’s better for you than regular bacon. It comes from Market newcomer Wagga Free Range Pork – Berkshire Pigs  who, as the name suggests, pride themselves on a range of free range pork products. Steve and Leah Anderson, with their three children, run pure bred Berkshire pigs on their farm in Wagga which they say has more flavour than that available from commercially bred ‘white’ pork. Their Berkshires grow slower and are kept lean so as to not get too fatty, consuming a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables along with specially formulated pig pellet grain and fresh water. The family do all their own smoking and curing to create a range of traditional pork smallgoods including smoked chorizo, smoked kabana, no nitrite bacon and ham, ham hocks, sliced leg ham and a range of unique handcrafted fresh sausages. Get some pork on your fork at your next Market visit.

We welcome two great new stallholders – July 2013

This month we would like to warmly welcome two new stallholders – Mad Cocky Muffins and The secret of spice.

Mmmm muffins! Is there anything yummier than the smell of a fresh muffin on a cold morning?! Pair it with a good coffee and you have a match made in heaven. This week we welcome newcomer Mad Cocky Muffins to the Market with their range of scrumptious muffins. Mad Cocky Muffins got their name from a crazy cockatoo that hung around the Scullin home of business owners Chontelle Plant and Tony McInnes when the business was starting out seven years ago. Tony is the cook responsible for producing all the delicious muffins, as well as deliveries and attending markets. They sell their muffins wholesale and onsite at the Market every Saturday. Made fresh in a commercial kitchen in Mitchell, these are not your every day muffins with varieties including sticky date, apple, cinnamon and custard, pineapple and coconut, rhubarb crumble, coffee and date, carrot, muesli and caramel…the mouth watering list goes on. Yummo! Tony will be at the Market with his Mad Cocky Muffins every Saturday.

Add some extra warmth to your winter cooking with delicious spice blends from The secret of spice . These guys really know their stuff when it comes to spice. When their family originally left India they brought their secrets of spice blending and traditional curry making with them. The secrets have been passed through the generations and are now shared with you each week at the Market with their range of spice blends, pickles and spicy noodles. The range is free from gluten, preservatives, colours, nuts and artificial flavours, and made with 100% all natural ingredients. You can use the spice blends to make your curry at home as mild or as ‘wild’ as you like it with everything from a butter chicken blend to a fiery vindaloo, and you can adjust the heat by varying how much chilli you add to your dish.

New stallholders join us at the Market – June 2013

This month we would like to warmly welcome two new stallholders – ZV Bakery and Pialligo Farm Smokehouse

 ZV Bakery owner, Ben Hoitink, may have just started at the market, but he’s been in the baking industry for over 30 years. Having formerly owned Yarralumla Bakery with his brother, Ben is a qualified pastry chef by trade who wanted a lifestyle change, and so ZV was born. Ben has established his new business with a range of bagels in several varieties, family quiches and pies, sausage rolls and seasonal bakery goods for Christmas and Easter. Baking everything on his commercial premises in Scullin, the goods are brought fresh to the market every week and with winter upon us, his family pies and quiches make a wonderful hearty meal. Varieties include chunky beef, red wine and mushroom pie and his mixed grill pie with sausage, caramelised onion and bacon.  Delicious quiches are available with salmon and dill, roast potato and pumpkin and spinach and pine nut varieties. Yum!

Pialligo Farm Smokehouse is also new to the market.  Hailing from the Pialligo Estate winery site, just to the south east of the Canberra City Centre, owners Charlie and Peter have been busy creating a new range of smoked products from their boutique traditional kiln smokehouse which has been in operation for the past six months. Together they have around 10-15 years experience in smoking meats and seafood. We first welcomed them at the market on 8 June and they’re already proving popular with smoked products including salmon, trout, eel, duck, chicken and bacon. Come talk to Charlie and Peter, find out about the products and why they are also the proud winners of three medals and the Champions trophy for their smoked salmon at the 2013 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

New stallholder join us at the Market – May 2013

This month we would like to warmly welcome our new stallholder ZV Bakery.

Kangaroobie Vinegar Brewery (KVB) is also new to the market.  Proudly owned and operated by Natalie and Simon Forsyth, they’re artisan producers of high quality vinegars made from locally sourced fruit and vegetable juices, locally brewed beer and wines. Quality vinegar takes time to produce and kvb’s first available product is a cherry vinegar made from cherry juice sourced in 2010 and 2011. All of the products are pure vinegars, brewed using traditional methods from juice or alcohol in Kangaroobie, just outside of Orange in NSW. Unlike many fruit vinegars on the market, KBV’s cherry vinegar is made by fermenting cherry juice – it is not simply a blend of red wine vinegar and fruit flavour. Be sure to check them out at the Capital Region Farmers Market on your next visit.

New stallholders joining us at the Market – April 2013

This month we would like to warmly welcome new stallholder – Crafted. Natalie Hare is the mastermind behind the vegan and gluten free cupcakes and treats now on offer at the Market. Not only is she an extremely talented cook, with a knack for nailing the science behind the baking, she’s also extremely dedicated, having honed the rare skill of being able to make delicious vegan, egg free and gelatin free meringues, macarons and marshmallows.

Natalie’s interest in gluten free and vegan foods began with a love of baking and was sparked by various friends and family who were either vegan, diabetic or suffering from food intolerances of some kind.  Natalie’s favourite product is her Snickers cupcake. A rich dark chocolate cake with a belly full of soft caramel fudge, topped with a smooth “oh so peanut buttery” butter cream, lashings of chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of freshly roasted peanuts – yum.

All of her products are perfect for people with intolerances to lactose, dairy, eggs, animal proteins and animal fats and people who just love delicious baked goods. They’re also suitable for people following religious dietary guidelines, being both Halal and Kosher. The products have reduced amounts of sugar and are trans fat and cholesterol free. Thank you Natalie for turning naughty treats into not-so-naughty delights we can all enjoy!