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5 reasons why Market shopping is better than supermarket shopping

We all want to try and do the best we can for our environment – but shopping at the supermarket can produce extra anxieties over how much plastic packaging is actually coming home with your shopping. A common frustration for shoppers is also a lack of locally produced products (as well as long waits in checkout queues).

So, shop at your local Farmers Market. Here’s five reasons why it’s a great idea:

  1. Less excessive plastic packaging

Bananas wrapped in plastic, lettuce in sleeves, tomatoes in trays, everything fresh wrapped in plastic – it’s enough to cause anxiety in the calmest person – but when shopping at your local Farmers Market, we try to use less single use plastic bags, and offer recyclable bags and reusable mesh bags.

  1. Direct communication with growers

Consumers like to know where their food comes from. At the market you are can find out where your food comes from and directly communicate with growers, giving you confidence in what you are buying.

  1. Longer lasting freshness

We’ve all done it – you’re in a rush so you go to the supermarket to buy some veggies, go to eat them the next day and their already soft and past their use. By shopping at your local farmers market, you can be sure that you’re getting the freshest produce, so no more wasted veggies. With products often being picked and harvested then coming directly to Market you’ll have the freshest veggies and won’t be wasting your money.

  1. Value/Taste

Would you rather pay less for something that doesn’t taste good or pay slightly more and have it last longer, taste better, and come from a more ethically grown source? Most stalls have comparable prices to the big supermarket chains, some are slightly higher in price – however, what you’re paying for is better tasting produce with a longer shelf life, and to support your local and regional farmers.

  1. The atmosphere

When you’re shopping at the supermarket, do you feel rushed and pressured? Shopping at Farmers Markets have a much more relaxed feel because people have more time to think about what they’re buying, being able to pick up and smell produce is a great thing for the senses. You can often take samples to taste-test, and the growers are readily available to chat to in a buzzing atmosphere.