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Truffles are back – La Truffiere and Terra Preta Truffles

Truffles are back! These hard to grow ‘black diamonds’ aren’t just your home-and-garden-variety fungus. Aromatic and delicious truffles are now back in season. There are many words to describe the truffle flavour – mould, garlic, soil, onions without heat, sweet body odour – but this isn’t what truffles are all about. Truffles are so irresistible because their aroma mimics reproductive pheromones. The reason they are so pricey is purely down to them being so difficult to grow.

The Périgord black truffle is intensely flavoured, so should be cooked low and slow. With this versatile little fungus, you could try a truffle toastie, truffle risotto, even truffle ice cream. You can add a small amount to sauces and side dishes to transform an otherwise humble meal into something to remember. Truffles aren’t cheap, but you only need about five grams per person per dish – which works out quite affordable. The best way to get the most out of your truffles is to actually cook them in your meal, and not just use them as a garnish. This is because the heat turbocharges the flavour. You can get your truffles at the Market from La Truffiere or Terra Preta Truffles.

What’s in season? Tasty truffles of course!

Terra Preta Truffles at the Capital Region Farmers Market

The capital is the place to be when it comes to truffle season, thanks to its terrific growing conditions. Otherwise known as tuber melanosporum (we won’t blame you if you have a bit of trouble with that one), truffles are ‘hunted’ for, and are found under the surface of the ground by trained dogs.

Truffles have a unique earthy, garlicky taste, and a deep aroma. They’re the perfect addition to risottos, pastas, even gelato… and you certainly can’t go past the appeal of truffle butter.

The place to get them? Family-run truffle farm, Terra Preta Truffles are the place to go to get the goods. Located just outside of Braidwood, Terra Preta supplies their high-grade French Black truffles to restaurants all around the world. Terra Preta will be at the Market every Saturday in winter offering these delectable delights.