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Joelle Dulac
63 The Mountain Road, Bungendore, New South Wales, Australia
63 The Mountain Road Bungendore New South Wales 2621 AU

What we sell:

Truffled Products – Oil, Sugars and Vinegar
Truffled butter including Tomatoe, Rocket, Basil & French Tarragon
Truffled Salts including French Thyme
Truffled Cookies, preserved truffles, desiccated truffle and truffle risotto
Truffle infused deserts including Creamed Rice & Caramel Custard
Freshly made Truffle sauces french recipes eg: truffle white sauce, bechamel, Mornay
Freshly baked individual truffled quiches and truffled custard. French style
Hand made chocolate with truffle flavour ” truffes au chocolat” and candied chestnuts with truffle flavour, the famous “marron glacé”
Also warm soup with grated fresh truffles. Soup will be made from seasonal veggies eg: pumpkin, potato leeks, etc…

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More about La Truffiere

LA TRUFFIERE is a chemical free truffle farm in Wamboin. Our trees are inoculated with the Périgord black truffle: Tuber Melanosporum.

All our products are homemade from the most recent truffle harvest. No artificial colours or flavours are used. We use natural methods of preservation to increase the shelf life of some of our products to 6 months. The main ingredients are sourced from local and Australian producers. Our truffle produce include oils, salts, sugar, honey and butters. From harvest to plate, this is a fabulous way to introduce a gourmet experience into ordinary dishes.

Due to the limited truffle season and the popularity of our products, we recommend contacting us during the week prior to the market so we can adjust the quantity of fresh products offered.

La Truffiere-EPIC Mkt 1.jpg 5 years ago
La Truffiere - Banner.jpg 5 years ago
La Truffiere-Truffle display at EPIC.jpg 5 years ago
La Truffiere-Poster1.jpg 5 years ago
La Truffiere.jpg 5 years ago
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