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Claim Listing

Before you can edit your listing on the website, you will need to submit a claim to the Market Manager.

Follow these instructions to Claim Your Listing

Edit your Listing

Once your claim has been approved, you can easily edit content, add images and a video or view statistics about your listing.

Follow these instructions to Edit Your Listing

How to Claim Your Listing

There are two steps to edit your listing. First you will need to claim your listing via the website. Once you have submitted your claim, the Market Manager will review the claim and accept it.

Once you have been approved as the owner of the listing you can then edit any content, upload new images and media and view statistics about your listing.

1The first step is to open Capital Region Farmers Market website – crfm.com.au and click Find a Stallholder
2Type the name of your listing
3Click the link to your listing
4From your listing page, click Claim listing
5If you have an existing online directory account, enter your details, or click Register to change forms.
Enter your Email address to create an account
6Click Sign Up
7Click Claim Package
8You are done. You will receive an email notifying you of your claim.Once your claim has been approved you can login and edit your listing.

How to Edit Your Listing

Once your stallholder listing claim has been approved, you can now edit your listing on the website. Your can find your login details in the email you received whilst claiming your listing – otherwise follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

See the end of this document for appropriate image sizing.

1The first step is to visit the My Account page on the Capital Region Farmers Market website – capitalregionfarmersmarket.com.au/my-account/
2Type your Username
3Type your Password
4Click Sign in
5With your mouse, hover on your username in the top right
6Click the My Listings option
7Scroll down and click Edit on your listing
8Make any changes to your profile. Upload new images, videos, or details about your products.Once you are finished, scroll down and click Submit changes for approval
9Your listing will be submitted for review by the Market Manager, and once approved, appear on the website again.

Image Sizing

You can see a demo of image sizing here: https://capitalregionfarmersmarket.com.au/listing/crfm-demo/

General Guidelines:

  • Simple images with one subject work best
  • Keep subject centred in the image as it may be cropped depending on where it is displayed.
  • Images will be processed once uploaded to improve website performance, however, do not exceed 1920x1280px
  • JPEG image format is preferred
Cover ImageThe cover image appears at the top of your listing if there is only one image in the gallery. This image is also used in the directory as the preview image.



LogoThe stall logo is displayed on the individual listing page and within the directory. This image is cropped to a circle – ensure that your logo fits within this space.450x450pxPNG
Image Gallery

The image gallery is shown as the header background, on the listing page itself and as the background of the listing on directory pages.

The middle third of the images will be shown if more than three images are included within the gallery. Once an image is selected, it will be displayed full size.

Minimum 740x520pxJPG
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