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DID YOU KNOW: All profits raised by the Capital Region Farmers Market are distributed back into the local and Australian community by our founders, the Rotary Club of Hall?

Yes, ALL profits from our stallholder fees go to a community or international youth project, health, regional communities and other highly worthwhile causes chosen by Rotary.

That’s right – we are dedicated to giving back to the community –  so, when you buy direct from our Market, you are buying produce with purpose.

Since our inception in 2003, Rotary has donated over $1 million to causes, with our latest round of donations (June 2017) taking that figure to over $2 million. At the 2017 Changeover Dinner, The Rotary Club of Hall donated $690,000 to some of Australia’s most worthy charities, on behalf of the Capital Region Farmers Market. The donations included:

  • A commitment of $100,000 to Canberra’s leading medical charity, the John James Foundation. This amount will be used to aid future extension works to their John James Village – housing that provides accommodation respite assistance to leukaemia patients and their families.
  • A commitment to funding a community nurse for Parkinson’s sufferers in the CRFM region via Parkinsons ACT, of up to $150,000.
  • A donation of $50,000 to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to assist with their mission of increasing five-year brain cancer survival to 50% by 2023.
  • A commitment to a 3-year funding programme of $30,000 per year towards a joint initiative, with other Rotary Clubs in Melbourne and Alice Springs, to end trachoma as an endemic disease in Central Australian communities.

“Visitors love our Market because of the fresh tasty food available each week, but also due to the lower food miles and knowing they’re supporting local and regional farmers and growers. They shop with a conscience, and now they know just what a difference their dollars make – it is produce with real purpose.”

Tony Howard, past Director of the Capital Region Farmers Market and member of the Rotary Club of Hall.

Some other initiatives assisted with profits derived from the Market include:

To find out more on these and other Rotary Club of Hall projects assisted by profits from the Capital Region Farmers Market, download a pdf copy of Rotary Club of Hall Year in Review.

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