Jul 11
Meet one of the Rotary scholarship beneficiaries

Recently we shared the story of some great work going on behind the scenes from the…

Jul 11
What’s in season – Truffles

Truffle season has finally arrived in Canberra, and this year’s bounty is absolutely…

Jun 27
Producer in Focus – Majestic Mushrooms

As we continue to reflect on our birthday year and celebrate 20 years of the Market,…

Jun 14
Produce with Purpose – Funding Community Projects

Did you know that stallholders’ fees are used to help fund community projects? The…

Jun 14
What’s in Season – Citrus  

What better way to brighten up your day as the colder weather sets in than with some…

May 22
Your one-stop shop for Certified Organic Produce 

One thing that often comes up with our customers at Market, is where to find the best…

May 22
Producer In Focus – Moorlands Bio-Dynamic Lamb

Story and images generously provided by Zair Ahmed. Moorlands Bio-Dynamic Lamb…

May 09
What’s in Season – Chestnuts

As we welcome autumn to the capital, we are reminded there is more to autumn than the…

May 09
Producer in Focus – Tree Tops Batlow

With only 5 remaining original stallholders, we treasure the opportunity to chat with…

Apr 24
Growing local support for Canberra Region plant nurseries and growers as the industry calls for long-term change in consumer behaviour

Off the back of increasing political scrutiny of the market monopolisation and market…

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