Mar 01
What’s in Season – Figs

We are so excited to announce the arrival of figs for the season at Market. Bursting…

Feb 09
Producer in Focus – Majestic Mushrooms

In our 20th year of supporting the community, we’re taking a wander down memory lane…

Feb 09
What’s in Season – Plants

Are you looking to add some greenery and life to your garden? Our horticulture…

Jan 25
What’s in Season – Melons

What better way to enjoy the essence of summer than with delicious in-season melons?…

Jan 23
Farmer In Focus – Willayoung Orchards

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Andrew Ricketts from Willayoung…

Dec 07
The Capital Region Farmers Market Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2023 Capital Region Farmers Market Gift Guide, where we have curated…

Dec 07
What’s in Season – Christmas foods galore

As the holiday season approaches, there's an incredible opportunity to take your…

Nov 09
Producer in Focus – Origin Bake

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Origin Bake, one of our bakery stallholders…

Nov 09
What’s in Season – Cherries

Welcome to another What’s in Season blog, and this edition we have a special and…

Oct 05
What’s in Season – Asparagus

In this month's "What's in Season" spotlight, we turn our attention to a vegetable…

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