Producer in Focus – Majestic Mushrooms

In our 20th year of supporting the community, we’re taking a wander down memory lane and looking back at the beginnings of many of our favourite stallholders. 

For not only have stallholders been at the Market since the beginning, but their time at the Market also reflects their personal business journey.  

Just like Ian and Helen Chu from Majestic Mushrooms. 

Taking a leap from their previous occupations, Ian and Helen fell into the world of fungi, the delicious mushroom! And in that same year, they also became stallholders at the Capital Region Farmers Market, all the way back in December 2006. 

Ian and Helen Chu – Oct 2008

Back then, we had a dirt floor and just one shed. And Ian and Helen sold just the one type of mushroom. And now, bitumen and new shed later, Majestic Mushrooms have a commercial operation that sees their range of mushrooms sold throughout the east coast of Australia. And their range now includes white button and flat mushrooms, Swiss brown and portobello, and oyster mushrooms, all year round. 

They’ve also had their mushrooms cooked in the finest of restaurants, and have even been interviewed on Better Homes & Gardens.  

Not bad for our local mushroom producer! 

Hong Kong Fantastic TV cooking show came to film at the CRFM – June 2018. Celebrities Walter Kei and Ava Liu filmed a segment at CRFM featuring Majestic Mushrooms

We’re very fortunate to have witnessed the growth of Ian and Helen and their family over the past 16 years, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them. 

Next time you visit the Market, explore the locally grown mushrooms and uncover the story behind Majestic Mushrooms, a beloved icon of the Capital Region Farmers Market. 

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