Market Rules

Market Rules – Overview

You can view the current PDF version (482 kB) of the Market Rules its entirety here.

The Market aims to maintain the authenticity of the products and ensure its customers’ trust through simple rules. The rules and code of conduct are applicable to all stallholders – both existing stallholders and new applicants. These rules are designed to maintain the authenticity and reputation of the Market.

  • All stallholders must display approved Market ‘Producer product’ and ‘Agency product’ signs. Stalls must have signs with the name of the stallholder, and approved agencies must show who grew the produce and where it was grown.
  • All products sold must be approved by the Market Committee and are identified for each stallholder on this website.
  • ACT Health, Fair Trading and other laws must be observed, including rules relating to the labelling of products such as ‘organic’, ‘chemical free’ etc.
  • Producers are visited to ensure the authenticity of their production systems and suitability for the Market.

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Market Rules – FAQ


The Market and its rules have evolved since their inception in 2004 and are constantly being updated. Consequently, the Committee is continually working on the elimination of anomalies. Anomalies are currently managed under ‘grand-fathered’ arrangements and no further applications of associated products will be approved.

Current Market anomalies include:

  • Flower products – because of seasonal constraints on flower production in the Capital Region Farmers Market region, agencies are accepted from out of the region.
  • Fish products – because of sustainable fish management policies and seasonality, fish products may be sourced outside of the CRFM region (but must be from Australian waters).
  • Ingredients for secondary and tertiary products – these products may include some imported products (e.g. spices, coffee beans); however, priority is given to products with locally produced ingredients.
  • Non-food products – some non-food products were approved early in the Market’s development (e.g. soap, beeswax).

Freshness, quality and environmental benefits

The Capital Region Farmers Market offers a number of benefits to consumers in addition to freshness, quality and access to a wide variety of regional and seasonal food.

The Market helps to substantially reduce food miles between the growers and your table. Food from the Market comes direct from the producer, with the majority of produce coming from less than 300 kilometres, resulting in lower transport costs and a reduction of the carbon footprint.

Competition and pricing

The Capital Region Farmers Market offers diverse quantity and quality of fresh products without restriction on price competition between stallholders. Prices are set by individual stallholders, with a premium on quality. Prices are minimised by ensuring appropriate competition within the Market.

You can view the current PDF version (482 kB) of the Market Rules its entirety here.

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